99u Keynote: Storytelling in a Fast-Paced World

Posted by | February 01, 2014 | Business, Video | 2 Comments

My new “on the record” keynote. This is a great example of taking my entire content philosophy getting boiled down perfectly into 15 minutes. Give it a look and tell me what you think. It’s a perfect video to send to your friends when you’re trying to explain what I’m all about.

  • Patrick Brophy

    Thanks for the video Gary, very interesting stuff. It’s just pushed your book from 3rd or 4th on my “to-read” list to 1st. I’m curious if you have any examples of companies that you think are “doing it right” on FB, Twitter, Instagram etc? Any companies who just “get it” so to speak?

  • Bob Schick

    When I teach Social Media, this 15 minute video is the first thing I show. If they can’t understand that social media/Internet marketing is all about “Storytelling” .. then I can’t help them.. and it’s like teaching a pig to sing. ( It’s a waste of my time, and it annoys the pig)

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