A Short Film about How I do Business

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  • http://JamesArtre.com/ James Artre

    Spot on. That’s all I can say.

  • http://www.silverbacksocial.com/ Chris Dessi

    Great stuff Gary – love the footage from the Westchester Digital Summit. Thanks for bringing the thunder to our event …AGAIN.

  • SpiritGuided

    Clouds. Dirt.

  • Brian Vigil

    cool…love the idea of letting go of the minutiae – the crap in the middle.

  • http://www.TheCoffice.biz/ The Coffice™

    Nice piece. Would love to see the raw footage for it!

    • http://www.silverbacksocial.com/ Chris Dessi

      If you head over to our Facebook page, we’ll post Gary’s keynote from the Westchester Digital Summit soon https://www.facebook.com/westchesterdigitalsummit?ref=hl

      • Garrett Green

        When will you all post it?

      • http://www.TheCoffice.biz/ The Coffice™

        Thanks Chris! I look forward to that.

  • Tim Fargo

    Three cheers for emphasizing focus on traction elements. People start loving a metric, and later realize it did zero for their biz.

  • tonyrwhite

    Great and powerful video Gary. You are my biggest Mentor and I strive to get where you are. Thank you for your time.

  • Anabell Ingleton

    Freakin love it. As always. Direct. Raw. True. #dirtandclouds

  • http://www.jacquesbastien.com/ Jacques Bastien

    Great vid.

  • Brian Cuban

    Great video Gary. Very direct and powerful.

  • http://www.OneBillionStories.com/ OneBillionStories.com

    Disappointed in this video, I know this is your life in a day from a work perspective, but didn’t you eat all day, you certainly woke up, you hugged your kids, worked out….? Of course you did, because your GARY-VEE!!!! FAMILY first, then bizzzzz second. Let my team make a video for Gary-VEE’s life in a day, we’ll get the whole package, including your better half.

  • http://www.michellecottingham.com Michelle Cottingham


  • http://www.miqverse.com/ MIQ VERSE

    Definitely loved this video. Not surprised that I got something from it. You are always on point with your take on business as well you should be considering the success you’ve had. Thumbs up!

  • mkokc

    Dang it Gary, quit being so awesome. As someone who does this for a living, some of the little things you were saying, we little nuggets of brilliance. Thanks for all you do. – mike

  • Jairek Robbins

    Very cool man! Dig it!

  • Luke

    Awesome, I agree never get bauged down in the particukars that dont matter they can steel your success.

  • Moneca Yardley

    #awesomepossum #love #collagenbabe

  • Mary Simon

    Outstanding share, to help us laser-in on “What Matters Most” when engaging, whether in our direct response marketing, on social, or even in networking’; by paying close attention to our audience and enhancing the relationships with relevant & valuable need-to-know info, but focused attention to our mobile audience. Thanks for sharing Gary!

  • theresaoconnell

    Well done!

  • Tara Woodruff


  • http://www.twitter.com/CarlosGil83 Carlos Gil

    Gary exemplifies that in business it’s not all about what, or who, you know but how much do you believe in your own brand. He’s a true entrepreneur and this short film is a testament to just that.

  • greggweiss

    Love love love. Another sleepless night, as my head swirls… A great dose of Vitamin V for Vaynerchuk. Thanks for this, Gary!

    (Also, glad to see footage from Westchester Digital Summit made the cut! We are rockin’ the burbs — where the clouds are easily seen, unobscured by buildings and the dirt is plentiful and ready to be claimed…)

  • Annie Schiffmann

    Love this! Well produced, great music. Great message.

  • Gamut

    Gary, is there any way to get a transcript of this? There are times where it’s difficult to hear what you are saying (ie. when the siren is going on around 3:50ish). I would hate to miss any of your important points! Thanks.

  • davidguest

    A great perspective. The whole new world or interactive marketing is such a game changer for passionate people.

  • http://daveshrein.com Dave Shrein

    Gary, this is great. Trying to think of how I can apply this to my roles I’m my context. Thank you for taking the time to to this.

  • Anthony Thompson ©

    Fantastic – always Crush, always Destroy. Let me know when you come down to Sydney con padre.

  • Zain

    It’s around 2 AM as I write this and was looking forward to watching as a treat to bring out my workday ( I love short films). I can see I’ll be kicking up some dirt tomorrow, a badass chunk of film here Gary so to you, David and Rome I Thankyakindly.

    • David Rock

      Thank you… :)

  • Mindful in May

    Love your point about the Billboards! Hopefully Googles driverless cars will help us out with the catastrophic situation on the roads…if not that then the surge in meditation will surely help us train our attention and be better at focussing on what is happening as its happening.

  • marklongbottom

    Makes sense, but then it should as you are talking about knowing what’s important. When did anyone look at billboards unless they had better graffiti over layed. People are emotional and they’re the ones we forget about or some businesses do, those people also use technology better than most businesses – time to join in really. Failing is good too as you learn more and those emotional with feelings care more, as long as they like your brand or service, big numbers aren’t important but people are :)

  • Marty Wolff

    Watch out for those billboards! They are doing some creative things. The right medium at the right place at the right time. Great video work.

  • William Cosentino

    LOVE your stuff Gary, fukin awesome!!

  • http://www.thephatstartup.com/ The Phat Startup

    Love how you give so much value and gems in less than 5 minutes! must step our game up!

  • catherinetatum

    Great stuff. I love the analogy of Clouds and Dirt……buy into the “Cloud” and learn the craft…..play in the dirt and get real with it!

  • Chris Meyerson

    That rocked …. Very cool

  • http://www.fineartmom.com/ Crystal Foth

    Great perspective into your life Gary. I love the concept of Clouds & Dirt… so true. Start in the dirt and reach for the clouds! Your words inspire me everyday.

  • http://craftedusa.com/ Crafted USA

    Dedication to learning your craft. #essential

  • http://about.me/NationsBestAthletes NationsBestFootball

    Excellent film!
    As always, Gary shares the insights that show why he should not only buy the NY Jets, but he should also be the next Commissioner of the National Football League. #Respect.

    • http://www.mediarelationsteam.com/ FeliciaMRT

      I totally agree with you NationsBestFootball :D Nice Comment!

      • http://about.me/NationsBestAthletes NationsBestFootball

        Thanks FeliciaMRT for the kind words. #Respect.

  • ceceliajernegan

    I am trying everything you talk about. Does NOT matter if you work for a huge company or a small mom and pop biz. Staying focused in today’s world is difficult. Just remember your goal. Thanks Gary V. From your fav baby boomer in Arizona…

  • Vandelay Design

    Good stuff. But I have one disagreement. Right at the end (4:48) you say “don’t worry about the process”. Process is HUGE. If you don’t have a good process for anything, you won’t get anything done efficiently at scale. At some point I’d to hear you elaborate on what specific “process” you are referring to.

  • http://www.MarquisCJones.com/ Marquis C Jones

    Sweet,, thx for sharing Gary V,,,

  • Greaves

    Is love to see an element of his day that doesn’t involve working…. To me that’s true success

  • http://www.visceralbusiness.com Anne McCrossan

    Gary, I buy the analogy and the point of Clouds/Dirt but you lost me at ‘jet’. Why should I care about that?
    I can’t see the better purpose that would make me think this is a good idea.

  • http://makingsenseofsocialmedia.org/ Lorri Ratzlaff

    Love it Gary! Great analogy … I definitely need to work on learning dark posts better!

  • Paul Clifford

    Winner Gary, once again you show you know your stuff….dedication is commendable!!

  • http://jeffreydowellphotography.com/ Jeffrey Dowell

    This is a fantastic inspiration.

  • Paul Patzloff

    Worth watching twice.

  • CheckSwing Clubhouse

    Honest. Simple. Well done.

  • rayfilwong

    the key to success is empathy. Twitter and other social media is a platform, but being able to HUMANIZE is the key.

  • Jon

    The UK is Crying out for leaders like Mr Vaynerchuk. Fantastic view on business! Very inspirational for young entrepreneurs!

  • http://www.sommelierliban.com/ NOEL WEHBE

    I LIKE

  • Anthony

    Self indulgent, Narcissistic babble, served with a huge side of arrogance! Nah – not for me!

  • Nikola Anđelić

    Great stuff Gary.

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