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Dark Posts, #Selfies, and Lawyers: A Q&A in Philly

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If you haven’t seen the keynote that comes before this, do yourself a favor and check it out!
00:00 – Don’t you believe that marketers have ruined Facebook dark posts, yet?
2:25 – How did you land your Instagram-resistant CEO as a client?
7:05 – Can I come up to the stage and take a #selfie with you?
8:20 – How can we recruit freight agents using social media?
9:19 – How do we authentically tell our stories when we’re marketing to lawyers?
13:14 – Where do you draw the line to use your personal brand instead of your company’s?

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Incapable of Looking Backwards

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@garyvee In all your business ventures/career, is there anything you wish you would’ve done differently? — Chris Morgan (@HollywoodMoegan) June 7, 2014 This has been a common theme in just about all of the Q&As I’ve ever done, and I find it fascinating. It’s one of those questions that I love and hate at the same time. There is something inside of me that makes completely and utterly incapable of looking backwards. The answer to these questions is always “no.” I suppose at the same time the answer could very well be “maybe everything,” but I know what the net result has been, and of course I’m very happy. You always hear people say “I never would have done anything differently,…

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Finding Happiness in Your Passion

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Since the age of 8 or 9 the idea of being anything other than a “business man” has literally never dawned on me. I never ever dreamed of of doing anything else. So when I was asked this question: @garyvee what was your dream job when you were a kid? What would you be doing if you weren’t a businessman? — Amanda Liz (@madebyamandaliz) June 7, 2014 It stirred something in me that I think about quite often, but have never really articulated. A lot of times I think about the fact that my passion, the one thing I want to to in life, ended up being so practical. So much of one’s life is predicated on the practicality of what that person wants to do. It turns out selling stuff and making money is super practical, but what if your…

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What Everybody Misunderstands about the ROI of Social Media

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I’ve waited, and waited, and waited, and waited and waited. For 7 years, I’ve waited. I thought that eventually people would get it. That they’d look at it like starting a website, or opening a retail store, or painting, or anything else in life. I waited for people to realize that social media, like absolutely everything else in the world, is only as valuable as the person who uses it. I just assumed that it would happen, but here we are, mid-way through 2014, and we continue to have the argument. So I decided to make this Slideshare to really drive home this point once and for all. For all of you who understand that nothing has really changed, that this is simply the current state of the internet, and that the best users…

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[Full Q&A] 45 Minutes of SOLID GOLD Social Media and Business Advice

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Awesome Q&A session with The Lamppost Group in Chattanooga. Timestamps are below: 00:17 - How do I market my company on Vine and Instagram? 04:18 - How do you know which new platforms to choose? 07:05 - What was your biggest failure, and what did you learn from it? 09:49 - Where do you see wine going in the USA? 14:40 - What insights do you have on company culture and HR? 20:56 - How do I get clients to believe in the value proposition of social media, and then once I do, how do I find the right people to execute on it? 22:20 - Why do you bother doing live events like this for a relatively small audience? 23:39 - What trends do you see in K-12 education? 27:44 - What can Chattanooga do to become more a “startup…

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8 People You Should be Following on Twitter

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Bridget Williams I'm click-baiting my sons. Want them to read a great New Yorker article on self-sufficiency? Email with subject: "easy money this summer" — Bridget Williams (@bridgetwi) May 26, 2014 One of the sharpest media-minds I have spent time with. She is a must-follow. Maybe the most important follow from this list. Justin Thorp One thing that doesn't change, when pitching your product. Gotta help me understand how you're helping make my life easier. — Justin Thorp (@thorpus) May 23, 2014 Tons of authenticity. Justin’s been in the game a long time, is kind and thoughtful, and is just someone I have always been fond of. He doesn’t follow blindly, and really does his homework. Anthony De Rosa…

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