[Bloomberg] Talking with Stew Leonard about Retail and Romance

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Stew is one of the few guys who truly knows how to deliver an outstanding retail experience, but I still think he’s being overly romantic! Also I think this is the first time I’ve ever pitched a client on live TV ;)

  • http://bonehook.com/ David Burn

    You know what would be fun? Dinner with Gary and Stew. Set it up and I will fly in.

  • adam_bosick

    gary totally smashed them! #crushit

  • Jill DiNicolantonio

    Kind of makes me sad for Stew, Gary is handing him his growth strategy to hit 1 billion , yet he can’t see it. The customer that he wants to have the in store experience will do it maybe 1-2 times a year yet this same customer would also be the one using home delivery probably 2-4 a month. I don’t know but if I’m Stew I’d take 24 times a year vs. 2.

  • James Coldsnow

    I believe the folks at Blockbuster thought it was great that people liked to spend their time selecting movies on a Saturday night.

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