Inbound 2012 Keynote: Care Immensely or Die!

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My best keynote in years!
How about doing a random act of kindness for a customer you already have, and not one who just unsubscribed? How about auditing your time, finding the dumb shit you’re doing, and reallocating even the smallest portion of it toward caring about your end consumer? The acquisition has been mapped. Now it’s all up to us as brands to start acting like humans again.

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The Risk and Reward of Entrepreneurship

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This is from the Build a Business competition I’m working on with Shopify. Enter now!
This is the most practical time in history to become an entrepreneur. Do it at the expense of watching Breaking Bad. Do it at the expense of playing Madden. Do it at the expense of going out for drinks. Don’t you think you could forgo those things for a year for the chance at such massive potential upside? I think you could, and I really think you should.

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Advice to NY Creative Interns

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This is less of a keynote, and more like 20 minutes of advice. I don’t usually get to talk to an audience like this, so it was a really awesome opportunity for me.
If you’re about to graduate I want you to seriously think about spending the next three to four years of your life trying to execute on your dream. This is literally the absolute best time to do it.

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We are All the Patriarchs of Our Digital Families

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I’ve been thinking about something that a lot of people aren’t talking about: I don’t understand how people don’t realize that they are all the patriarchs of their family. Let me explain. Everybody who is in the, let’s say, 20-40 year old range is putting out so much content through their Facebook posts, their Tweets, and their other pictures, that they are basically starting a foundation of digital content that every generation, I’m talking great- great- great-grandkids, are going to look back at as a starting point. Even with the family that took the most polaroids in the world, there is only so much content they could have ever made. Meanwhile you have a vast amount of content. Look at me. I did Wine Library TV every…

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Always Finish Things Off

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I was up 5-2 in a tennis match today and it was Love-30 – he was serving. And I lost 7-5.

Two days ago, I was playing AJ in corn-hole. I was up 13-0 in a game to 15 in the third game of a three game series. And he came back and won.

These two comebacks and my lack of concentration to finish people off is totally unacceptable and crushes my soul. And now, my competitive spirit is at an all time high to never let it happen again. I am very upset. I am sorry to myself and to my family. Don’t let this happen to you. Always concentrate and finish things off.

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