Find Out Why I Hate Mobile Banners

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Here is Why I’m Never Buying Another Samsung Product for the Rest of My Life. Marketers, you really need to acknowledge that not very impression is a good one!

  • Ryan Montgomery

    Sorry to be “that guy” but I think you meant “not every” instead of “not very”. But I get your point. :)

  • Steve Roy

    This couldn’t be more true, Gary. I am right there with you regarding the “in your face” marketing. I fucking hate it and feel so strongly as well that I often cease to buy products based on this…

  • raphaelscartezini

    Then, later on, they don’t know why most of big brands are all hated! Very good point!

  • bk1234

    Interesting and i agree…I hate those things too. Except for the fact that now you are thinking about Samsung…tweeting millions about samsung…lecturing about samsung on tour for a year and a half…posting videos of you lecturing about samsung. I haven’t thought about samsung in years. I am now…and so are the millions you’ve told. In reality it didn’t work? Dunno. (sorry, just being captain contrarian)

  • koningwoning

    Crappy as it may be… I’m starting to believe that anti-advertising is the new advertising: most people don’t remember the message – just the brand. Or worse: they become intrigued… so they take a peeksey. One week later – they’ve forgotten the bad connotation but remember the brand. We’re living in short-termsville now. So I think I’m going with @bk1234:disqus (though I hate it!)

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