Here’s Why My Business Advice Might not Work with Your DNA

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I like to share a lot of my thoughts about how to execute in business. One thing I’m aware of is that these are just the things that work for me. They’ve been historically correct. They’re things that have brought me return on investment. What I’m also aware of is that everybody has their own beliefs, nuances, circumstances, and, most of all, their own DNA. So for all the people watching my videos, or reading my posts, I want to have something to refer to when someone disagrees with me on the basis of circumstance, or doesn’t have success when trying something I’ve recommended. I needed to write this.

The truth is (and has always been, and will always be) that it starts with self-awareness. It starts with really breaking yourself down. The only real gift I have is that, for some unknown reason – be it great parenting, or great DNA – I’ve always known exactly what I was good at. I never worried about what I was bad at. It never even dawned on me to work on my weaknesses. Sure I wanted to round out some things, fix some things to bring them up to some kind of average and make them consumable. But I’ve never ever thought about taking someone’s advice on how to execute. It’s always just been my way. I bought into what worked for me.

So please enjoy my rants and my thoughts, but I implore you, if you decide to execute on my advice (or anybody else’s), you need to self analyze first. Poke holes in your process and find out what has brought you success. In the 16, 18, 40 years of your career, where have you really shined? Whether artistic or calculated, whether black and white or grey, spend just a minute a day on auditing yourself and figuring out your strengths. If you find your strength is salesmanship, or storytelling, or patience, or organization, or human resources, or caring for the end consumer, or your coworkers, then you need to keep paying attention to it. Or if not, then maybe you need to find someone whose abilities map onto yours, try to follow what they do, and make those actions your own.

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  • Mark-John Clifford

    Great post. When I had my investment firm and worked with brokers who had gone to selling seminars I would tell them remember you are not like that guy up there. You’re not Zig Ziglar or Tony Robbins or Jim Rohn, you are you and you need to take what they have said and work it into your personality. I ended up writing a workbook about how to take that inspiration and turn it into your own. Thanks for backing my theory up Gary.

  • Gail Gardner

    I absolutely agree. Many companies try to get their employees to work on getting better at what they hate doing. It makes so much more sense to encourage people to be the best at what they love and are brilliant at because there are others who are good at what they hate.

  • Dave Ryan

    A great point, Gary, and one that can be applied to almost every facet of life. Too often you find people continually trying to put that round peg in the square hole.

  • The Sportsman’s Truth

    Great advice Gary V! It’s far too common in all areas of life for people to attempt to follow in someone else’s footsteps down a road that simply won’t work for them because they have different DNA. Knowing one’s self needs constant attention because we are always changing…maybe not changing in big ways, but we are different people each day and each moment.

    It’s very inspiring to hear you share this message because I’m certain you know that it may actually lead some people to follow you and your advice a little less and now that I think of it that may be your intent. There is no doubt that not everyone has the ferocity and tenacity that you have and that’s definitely a part of what makes your way of doing things work so well for you.

    So I salute you…to your honesty…and I respect that you truly do want what’s best for the people who follow you…even if that may mean that what’s best for them and their DNA may need to come from someone else.

  • Blake Carson

    All your DNA needs to be is alive. Do whatever makes it come alive then hold on!

  • Chris Meyerson

    I think your point is well taken and not everything is for everybody off the cuff as you stated but in my personal opinion there are a lot of good info to gleam off of your wisdom and apply to what is needed …. and I thank you for taking the time to share them with us…. Counting the days to NY…. Didn’t think I was going to get to meet you had a lovely gentleman smash into my truck and roll me 3 times, woke back up still skidding down the road on the roof and windshield and thought this is the end but God was nice to me and let me live through it…So your right life is way to short to do something that you don’t love!

  • Miriam Garcia

    Great advice.

  • Chris

    Hey Gary,

    Totally agree with you on this.

    I learned to be a student, not a follower. Just as some have mentioned in their comments.

    In the past I have put people on a pedestal and almost tried to be a clone of their philosophy. This didn’t last long.

    The absolute best thing that happened for me was reading Crush It in 2010, embracing my own personal brand, getting comfortable with that, and then taking the journey…of which I’m still on. On top of that I have strengthened my own philosophy and mind and now I feel much more comfortable with my own thoughts, ideas and how I execute them.

    Don’t forget to be awesome!


  • @kylereed

    I feel like this is not only great business advice but life advice.
    Having an understanding of who you are will set you up for so many more positive exchanges with family, friends, and colleagues.

    One of the reasons I love following you Gary is because you know who you are. You don’t pretend to be anyone else. I appreciate that about you. I know what to expect and what to find from you. You don’t let anyone else define you, instead you lead the way in where you want to go.

  • Roz Fruchtman

    Hi @garyvaynerchuk:disqus ~I was just going through my email box and came upon this post.

    - It’s just what I NEEDED to hear as I make some changes in my life and what I do from here. THANK YOU for making it so simple! ~Roz Fruchtman

  • waynemansfield

    Gary I enjoy watching your rants and I have started to gift your Jab Jab book to clients who just don’t get that social media is more than the platform THEY like.

    I wonder however why you have changed you vocab in the last 2 years – surely the shock value of the “f” word has worn off… then I reread your advice and think, shit that is why I listen in – that is GARY V ranting.

    All the best from a windswept Perth Western Australia

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