Recognizing What It Takes To Be a Founder, and When It’s Time To Be a B-Type

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Look, it doesn’t matter how badly I want to be an NBA star, I just don’t have the natural talent. In the same way, some people need to realize that they weren’t born with the natural talent to become an A-type businessperson. Just be honest with yourself and play to your own strengths!

  • gyfooma the dotcomgal

    When i first watched this video, I must admit, I was taken aback,, I can sell shit but i cant code heheheh, I realize that i have strengths and weaknessess, yet my strengths are loyalty, intellegence, the ability to learn, my weaknessess are fear, over trust, lack of social media tech skills,,

  • Sean

    I can code AND I can sell shit. I just sold an app I made in a day for $5000 just because I want to take my GF on a nice vacation. That’s not really the point though, who cares about 5 grand? The point is that YOU are Gary Vaynerchuck and if you wanted to be an NBA star, you’d make a new NBA for short Belarussians from Jersey, and then BJ-NBA would kill and buy regular NBA, fire everyone over 5’5, rebrand as NBA, and you’d be the star player.

    If you don’t want to be a number 2 and your not an A then keep starting businesses anyway. Die broke, whatever, don’t give in.

  • darwisbong

    hii garry , i was wacth all of your video , as always , this video was awesome
    By jam tangan pria

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