How to Sell Absolutely Anything [43m Video]

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If you’re in the business of sales, I really think you need to watch this.

From lemonade, to baseball cards, to wine, to client-services. I think of myself as a salesman as much as I do an entrepreneur. In this first-of-its-kind interview, I dig deep into a part of my career (and myself) that I haven’t really explored in public before.

Let me know if you feel like this video upped your game as a salesperson. I want to hear about it!

  • Jeremy McRoberts

    This is great so far. It’s getting me thinking about how and why I became a salesperson myself.

    • garyvaynerchuk

      makes me happy!

  • PSWD Tech

    Maybe I can ask you on Friday? lol

  • PSWD Tech

    Mirror your customers @:)

  • PSWD Tech

    I think I heard Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand somewhere in there?

    • garyvaynerchuk

      whats that? a book?

      • Shingayi_Elle

        It’s an economic term coined by Adam Smith, yes in a book, about how the market can self-regulate itself.

  • olipointer

    Great interview…your openness is incredible. Loads to take in from this…but the one point which really sunk in after watching this was how you always sell to individuals, even when your selling to the fortune 500 companies!!
    I’m too busy to listen to bullshit and thats why i can always find time to listen to what you’re saying. Cheers

    • garyvaynerchuk

      Cheers :)

  • Ramin

    Telling it like it is. Pure gold. Many people aren’t as honest with themselves, let alone with others, as you’ve been here. Thank you, Gary, learned so much from this.

    • garyvaynerchuk

      i appreciate it Ramin :)

  • Robert Hunter

    This Steli guy is fantastic… gonna go figure out who he is. And Gary, you again show why you’re at the top in this business. Your candor is greatly appreciated.

  • mediarelationsteam

    What is Your ROI ? ……|Return..On..Influence?| Cant measure it right? well how would you measure ROI from a billboard? from a Counter ??Uh No!! I dont think So … Thanks again Gary, I used to buy Lemonade from the stands, I am a giver,,

  • Doc Sheldon

    The more I listen to you, Gary, the more I realize why (I think) you’re such a successful businessman. Your authenticity and passion are infectious. I’m curious… is that how you always are, whether selling something or arguing about the Jets? Was that just always a natural part of your style or did you at some point realize that you needed to put on that hat when in a sales mode? (I’m guessing here that you’re always in a sales mode)

  • tommypavia

    Just Listened to this last night at about midnight. Great Content – Great Stuff – MUST SEE & TAKE IN ALL that Gary Shares passionately! Be Foolish NOT to…. I must ask Gary though…. Was it your Off the Charts Crazy Good Energy that had you moving from Room to Room? I Love it trust me…. Just wondering….Plus what can you share that made you extend the Interview (I know you said “You liked the way it was going”) It was totally to our benefit just trying to pinpoint what it was that you liked specifically. Trying to learn and grow as I apply what I am learning from you. Thank you in advance!

    Coach Tommy Pavia

  • tommypavia

    Listening AGAIN – Right NOW!

  • tommypavia

    I Love the “Hustling Super-Hero Title” – Well Deserved!

    Here are some observations, comments, notes, etc. While I listen: List YOUR Takeaways:

    1) The Entrepreneur’s Hustle! 2) The Salesman Hustle! 3) The Person with a Passionate Purpose and their Hustle!

    * Are YOU an Entrepreneurial Salesmen?

    * How do YOU become One Gary? I know You Reveal it on this Video BUT there is more right?

    I Love this Gary Vaynerchuk Quote:

    “I spend a lot of time watching how people Sell people when their not the salesmen?”

    I do NOT suggest YOU Skip any of this Interview because it is literally “Peppered with High Value Content” and “Nuggets of Wisdom” that will give GREAT INSIGHT to why Gary is Ultra-Successful and How WE can be too….Using and Applying what he shares…. Listen Hard at the 5:00 mark on… (Again the stuff before it is golden as well – just saying – this really hit me!)


    More Notes Coming – Hope it helps Add Value to Your Experience!

    Thanks Again Gary!

    Coach Tommy Pavia

  • Eric Willis

    Hey Gary- Great piece as usual. Have you ever met someone where the hustle existed? But they didn’t know it was there? Or does that defeat the very idea of the ‘hustle’?

  • ceceliajernegan

    Gary I have been adding value since I bought your first book. I landed a huge account following your tips. It really does work!

  • John

    Great Value here Gary, Thank you

  • Michael Geerdts

    “If i don´t feel good about what i am selling, i am dead!” Hi Gary, thanks for delivering al this great content. You really seem to walk your talk and nail it every single time. I really appreciate the tons of value you´re adding. All the best from germany and “cheers”, Michael.

  • Chris Reckord

    Really liked this interview – I guess as I have been a sales person for close to 30 years I could relate.

  • Jim Traister

    The part about observing customers and how they sell to each other was not something in my realm of thinking. That insight alone will step my game and help explain some things to my future clients. Thank you!

  • Sandy Lêveque

    I don’t really ‘sell’ for a living per se but I do believe any kind of communication is selling in a way so thank you for this interview! Really useful points. I love the part about noticing what people’s friends were saying to them about wine. And about selling the future by using what people care about in the present. Totally makes sense.

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