Social Media = Business

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Social media is a business in it’s self. What it is, is customer service. It’s caring about somebody. It’s being in the trenches and listening to the customer. What I know very well is that most companies are full of crap, they want to sell stuff, they don’t want to care. They want to make pretend that they care. And so what I know, is that social media, which really translates to complete transparency, no more hiding in the shadows, what I know is that social media is going to expose businesses that the word-of-mouth-of-one is going to screw with corporate America and with businesses. And the power of one consumer has never been bigger and will never ever be the same as it used to be. And because of this, understanding and grasping the fact that you have to engage and care about your customers, what you guys call social media, is now the backbone of building a successful business.

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