The Reason You Shouldn’t Worry About How to Get Twitter Followers

Posted by | July 15, 2014 | Uncategorized | 4 Comments

You should be thankful for each and every follower! It’s not about how to get Twitter followers, it’s about finding the best way  to engage with the ones you have. I made the choice to actually sacrifice Wine Library’s business objectives, but seeing those 27 views was huge for me!

  • Giovanna Mandel

    With each video I watch my notebook gets more full. Thanks for the jab today:-)

  • Jonathan Scott

    Ha ha ha, Yes Gazza – fantastic!!

  • Brandon G. Donnelly

    Nice one. I totally agree. I’m closing in on 1,000 daily email subscribers on my blog and I’m blown away that almost 1,000 people want me wake up to my writing in their inbox every morning at 6am.

  • darwisbong

    great post , completely awesome
    By jam tangan pria

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