The Most Important Thing Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Social Media

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Come for the #protips up front. Stay for a killer discussion of ROI, Nilla Wafers, General Electric, and more!

Key Quote:

There is no ROI in anything if you don’t learn how to use it!


  • mediarelationsteam

    I love this interview. Your so on Point Gary V, reminds me of how much I have to do. I cant believe this was before 2014, time goes by super fast!

  • ceceliajernegan

    Gary V always hits the nail on the head! Got to meet him in Tempe AZ during book signing. He is amazing!

  • Andy Brown

    Right on the money Gary and here’s the article in the New York Times about Nilla Wafers :

  • Bob Reed

    Sales. Exactly. I helped a tiny unit of a large multi-national company go from zero to $1.3 million by targeting the right audience on LinkedIn with the right content. Social media marketing works.

  • Siegmar Gebele

    gary getting serious with amused permission (2:55) – thanks alone for that, man! :)

  • Norma Maxwell

    Love it! There is no ROI on anything until you get in there, do it, and get good at it! Brilliant and simple as always, Gary!

  • Jonathan Barrick

    Crushed it, as always Gary. Two things that stuck with me: “This paralysis around ROI…there’s no ROI in anything if you don’t know how to do it.” and “Social has been asked to create an ROI that every other medium hasn’t, or hasn’t since they’ve been accepted.”

  • Kristin Valentine Elliott

    Better than gospel!!!

  • Bobby Wagner

    Eye opening, thanks for sharing.

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