The Fastest Growing Demographic on Instagram May Shock You

Posted by | July 08, 2014 | Uncategorized | 5 Comments

The fastest growing demo on Instagram is 40 to 60 year olds who are taking selfies. Let that sink in…

So the next time you try to play the “my demo isn’t on social” card, you need to stop and actually confront the reality of the situation which is that we are living through the “youthification” of our society.

  • Justin Chaschowy

    Posting this related IFTTT recipe that I’ve used to find people on instagram that are local to me:

    And yes I can confirm your findings. Plenty of older folks using it that I’ve made relationships with.

    I’ve also used which lets you schedule instagram posts! Incredibly useful so I can schedule weeks ahead and don’t get sucked into the time sink of instagram when I really only care about it for marketing.

  • Bryan Richards

    Do you think the guy on the bottom right heard any of the message? The one on his phone the entire time. Or does he play the “my demo isn’t social card”? If his demo is his age group, he proves that theory wrong.

    • @kylereed

      That guy sticks out so bad in that room. I noticed the same thing.
      But his loss for not listening (if he wasn’t listening) and our gain for paying attention.

  • @kylereed

    This video reminds me of what you have talked about in the past Gary, Mom’s are being influenced by kids now.

  • Kristof

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