The ROI isn’t the Point!

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“No immediate return on investment” is NOT the same thing as “not worth your time.” If anything, platforms that force you to play the long game provide MORE value if you’re willing to stick with them.

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  • Eric Brocksome

    This is spot on Gary! Thanks for sharing. The business world needs more of this message!

    • garyvaynerchuk

      u got it Eric :)

  • Regie Bariuan

    Great message Gary! We should really front load the work at first and think long term.

  • Andrew Cunningham

    Value in a nutshell!

  • Ben Landers

    With this guy’s hat, I almost feel like I’m watching a Borat interview…

    • The Phat Startup

      lol that made us laugh like a borat movie. thanks for that, now go create

  • Matt Lindenberg

    Totally agreed, but how do you measure the impact of your efforts over the long game? Certainly, your speaking engagement or YouTube video or LinkedIn article generates awareness and helps you over the long term, and I’m sure that you wouldn’t do them if they wouldn’t benefit you over that marathon. But how can you measure that impact? It’s ok to say, “If I publish this video, I’m not going to have XX people click on it and immediately buy from me.” But I should be able to say that people who watch that video are X% more likely to buy in the next week/month/quarter, and when they do they’ll spend $YY more on average than those who don’t. Measuring that impact would help most companies to make the business case for a bigger investment in this space.

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