How to Build a Business by Saying “NO” Instead of “Yes”

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Notice that I say “120 employees”? That’s right, this is a classic from 2012! But the lesson stays the same: If you’re trying to execute, sometimes you need to say “no” in order to get the right things done and make progress.

  • elvis01

    Like all the original content you’re posting!

  • Phillip Gimmi


  • Chris Meyerson

    Wow was this on the Mark for me, I have a lot of the same problems seems I get this a lot in my business for legal help and its always an emotional issue since most of my work revolves around Family Law its easier somewhat when its a stranger but still tugs at my heart strings when its dealing with Kids. I really do wish there was a way to shut it off sometimes but then that wouldn’t be me either. Thank you for your time in putting out these videos Gary it really means more then you know because this is you giving of your time and energy and that means everything..

  • Chris Sanchez

    Great stuff! As a marketing consultant, I’m also juggling – and struggling – between working on clients’ businesses and my own.

    But saying no to trivial one – off requests last year helped me keep focused on pushing towards my own goals.

    I also attribute much of the ‘No’ to The 4 Hour Work Week mindset. It helped identify areas to eliminate, reduce, or delegate.


  • Scott Asai

    Less is more, especially when it comes to performing/making decisions.

  • Christian Newman

    I used to have the yes virus, still not totally immune to it yet. This video came at just the right time for me – the part about respecting the no. Why make tomorrow the no day when today can be? :)

  • Scott Lukaitis

    Great discussion. I also struggle with saying no. I’ve started to focus on doing fewer things but doing each bigger and better. Gary V, thank you for always providing content that is on point.

  • darwisbong

    you was inspiring me garry
    By jam tangan pria

  • Jon Bowes

    Tim Ferris has a recent podcast where he interviews James Altucher (author of “The Power of No”) It’s pretty awesome. I really like the phrase “yes virus” I love to give also and I find myself often neglecting myself and my affairs because I feel that I’m obligated to help others. I needed this. Thanks

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