Wine Review: 2011 Weiser Kunstler Riesling Feinherb

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2011 Weiser Kunstler Riesling Feinherb

Price: $20

ABV: 6.5%-10.5%

Rating: 90pts

Verdict: Buy!

Riesling is very culty. Back in 08-09 when I’d gotten a bit of fame in wine, I would talk to regular people and totally blow their minds when I told them that wine nerds totally thought Riesling is the best thing in the whole world. Sure, a lot of average consumers think Riesling is just sweet-water, but when it comes down to it, when you talk to wine experts and masters of wine, they are all about the Riesling grape.

Ok, but what the hell is Feinherb?
Feinherb, for those of you who don’t know, isn’t an official classification, but something German winemakers use to describe a wine that isn’t all the way sweet, but has more residual sugar than halbtrocken. Kristen Murphy, who suggested this wine to me, refers to it as the DMZ of residual sugar.

Sniffy-Sniff: Beeswax chapstick, melon, pineapple, mochi.

On the whirl: Great acidity means it comes off as more dry than the Feinherb designation lets on. Notes of lemon-peel, flint, blue-stone.

Pair with: Fish, Oysters, Pool-parties.

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  • @kiltedbroker

    Note to self – #BUY – Love the format – thanks for the recommendation

  • Mark Shaw

    Vine Wine reviews was always going to be a winner. Gary you’re onto a winner #loveit

    • garyvaynerchuk


  • Jake Baker

    Perfect! love the video, the text underneath is key!

    • garyvaynerchuk


  • Oakmon’s BF

    It’s good to see you in any format!

    • garyvaynerchuk

      thnx Oak :_)

  • mikewilliams23

    can’t hear the audio…

  • Justin

    Sounds like it should be auto-tuned into a song or something. 6 seconds isn’t enough, appreciate you trying to make the format work with the constraints it has.

  • Tabatha

    I love this! It’s quick and to the point, and makes me want to try this! :)

  • Geoffrey Worden

    Just started following this feed – after many years of shopping at the Wine Library. Two quick comments about format and presentation in this post: 1) I realize you are probably quoting the label when you say the alcohol content runs from 6.5%-10.5% but this number is utterly useless…so why cite it? It does not seem like you to allow a lazy producer (I assume they print their labels to cover all vintage variations – and, in some cases, even different bottlings) to get away with this junk, much less to actually re-present it. What up? 2) “the DMZ of residual sugar” is cute but it makes no sense without a further explanation… surprised by you not explaining!

    • garyvaynerchuk

      understood and will take into account

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