Why Not Both?

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A lot of people have been talking about quantity versus quality of content. My question is ‘Why not both?’
So about 10-14 times a week, I get an email, or someone stops me in the street – literally – and says “Gary you always talk about working so much. The hustle. All the hours you need to put in. Well hey man, I know working hard is great, but I work smart. That’s why I’m going to win just as much.” And I always say to them, “Why not both?” Why not working smart all the time and hustling? Because the people who really crush are doing that. You’re working smart and hard. Why not both?
  • http://www.eduardoloria.com/ Eduardo Loria

    This really vibed with me: not just 10,000 hours, but 10,000 hours on improving your craft, on making mistakes, on learning. Hours + purposeful/mindful effort on improvement = quality. Thanks for this reminder!

  • Almerindo De Palma

    Great to see these videos flowing once again… It makes us come back for more everyday!

    • http://www.garyvaynerchuk.com garyvaynerchuk

      trying pal!

  • Jeff White

    by working smart i can juggle work and family, extreme hustle = more than 50-60 hours = less time w/ family, “smart” “hustle” and “hard” are all loose definitions and different for everybody but to me, working smart lends itself easier to “work/life balance”

    • http://www.garyvaynerchuk.com garyvaynerchuk

      thats a whole different conversation- why not work 5 less hours a week to 35 not 40?

      • Jeff White

        you’re right, it is a different topic but they do relate, I’ve always been a guy that says if I can work smart and hustle within something close to a 50 hour week average, I can juggle and feel good about it all, just like you, the work/life balance is what keeps me up at night

  • Bigshotprof

    Okay, you asked for feedback. The problem I see with this is the problem I see with the vast majority of the social media advice I see given out. It’s vapor–repetition posing as development. I don’t disagree with anything you said (except cats), because you didn’t lay out a single claim that can be defined as substantively controversial. Why not both? Because quality comes at the expense of quantity. Quality comes from research, meditation, consideration, and a butt load of editing. Want proof? Have somebody make a transcript of this video. Cross out all of the repetition of your main point, the asides about Forbes, Michael Jordan, etc, and see what’s left. What is left is a.) a basic statement of the obvious: there is a mountain of content on the internet, and b.) the rhetorical question “why not both?” which is a distraction, not a response. Listen, I’m a fan–have some of your books, talk about you in my courses–but the people on your bandwagon aren’t telling you the truth. Hustling gets you to the microphone first, and energy gets you booked. But you’ve already gotten your basic message out–”work harder and work everywhere” is the germinal message. But continuing to beat that drum is just Peter Pan imploring the audience to clap so that Tinkerbell can stay alive. We’ve passed the go-point. Really capitalizing on the digital revolution is going to take more nuanced, data-driven, deep-level intellectual capital. All that I am seeing among the social media technorati is a fountain of buzzword stew.

    Sorry, you asked. Best of luck with your new site.

    • http://www.garyvaynerchuk.com garyvaynerchuk

      Super respect, I think the key here isnt the content but the context, there has been conversation around my content ideas http://www.scottmonty.com/2013/06/the-last-thing-world-needs.html and I think thats what matters here, not the Jordan and Forbes stuff but the CONTEXT of why I made the video, make sense? You are right about I have my POV but now it is the context that I focus on, make sense?

      • Bigshotprof

        Yes. It does, but if the question of substance isn’t addressed doesn’t the context

  • http://www.markfitzpatrick.tv Mark Fitzpatrick

    Using example from Wine Library TV, a lot of peeps wanted the longer shows that weren’t concerned about time. Daily Grape didn’t have the same “family” feel. With musicians, for their core fans, they want to listen to Eddie Van Halen mess around on his guitar while taking a dump or testing out a new amp. So for the core audience of someone or a business, that quantity is important too. For some, more quantity is more quality to them. It’s engagement. For the average fan, maybe a turn off. Reminds of me when you said that you lost 10% or whatever the number of people at the very beginning of WLTV because you were “too loud” for them. You could have turned the volume down, but then that would have been the wrong thing for you and the majority who wanted that because it was authentic. So if the added quantity is authentic, then it’s all good.

  • http://www.launchmobmedia.com Ken DeGilio

    I got my stickers – and that’s what matters! Free Swag! But seriously, I enjoy the regular video updates and growing as a result of your content through the years. Making my own content now but I’ll still make time for you. Good luck with your new site. @OrlandoKen

  • Tamara Cherie Thorpe

    I’m not sure I’ve figured out how to master either so I feel compelled to do both! And while the idea of creating more content scares me, I have to admit, like you, a lot of content goes through my head and never makes it to paper. So “Why not both” seems like a good idea now, and if I was able to master one, I think I’d be much more likely to choose the smarter over longer. And I’m not bothered by the repetition of your message as it has become one of the voices in my head that allows me to keep up the bit of hustle I do have.

  • Pat Ferdinandi

    What video shows that twitter does not is the emotion and passion you have for your topic. Twitter can start a conversation and connect. A video, however, is a whole other level.

    The fact that you bounce around off topic a bit adds a little humanism and personality to it. People connect to that. I agree with Bigshotprof. Quality takes time. Not everyone can look into a camera and talk quality in context. Context just puts a time limit on the time you have to get your idea out there.

    I believe what you are doing is a great idea. End each day with what you accomplished and where your mind happens to be. You can look back a day or two later and see what you did, if your ideas worked, where to change direction. Talking into a camera at the end of every day will build confidence in those who are petrified of being on camera. I’m going to start suggesting this and start doing it myself. Why? Because no one has to see it but yourself…because it makes you accountable…because it will tweak and work smarter.

    Thanks Gary

  • http://www.OneBillionStories.com/ OneBillionStories.com

    Gary, I biked across the country 3.5 years ago w/ my Canon Vixia hand held and recorded about 300 stories on Catholics talking about their faith. I published those videos daily for the next 2.5 years on OneBillionStories.com, each video received about 200 – 500 views over the life of the video. I did the daily grind in order to build a fan base, and show them that I was committed to their online spiritual needs. However, the videos were receiving the same number of views, I believe it was because the quality was lack luster, even though the consistency was there.

    1 year ago, I stopped the daily video, and transitioned to about twice a month. Now each video gets between 2,000 – 4,000 views (sometimes 10,000+) much better. I guess for me the crux is man power, and resources, as I’m sure you already figured out.

    Thanks for the video, it gets me thinking about how I can return to the daily video with our current quality level, because like you, I know they can both be achieved….but at what cost? Cheers from Denver, CO

    • http://www.garyvaynerchuk.com garyvaynerchuk

      im glad man!

  • http://www.adrionporter.com/ Adrion Porter

    Gary – once again, you threw it right at the bullseye. Content creators, marketers, entrepreneurs, etc., should all strive to reach for greatness and deliver the best product, with optimal frequency. Especially in this social and mobile age, where our audience attention spans have literally been cut in half! You want to make sure your message gets out there? Well you have to increase your impressions, but still with quality.

    Your post is titled “Why Not Both?”. The key word is “both”. So the takeaway for me is that you are not suggesting that quality doesn’t matter anymore. You are only illustrating the importance of taking advantage of these social tools that we have at our disposal like never before, and don’t make the mistake of “losing” what could be golden content that could change lives. Also the truism of “practice makes perfect” still applies, so the law of repetition tells me that the more you do – the better you get (quality).

  • George Nenni

    Quality over quantity, otherwise I ignore firehose of too much info. Brevity takes time, but more read. 140 characters baby!

  • http://thoughtsaboutnothing.com @kylereed

    So what does stupid work look like? Watching TV, reading pointless content?

    It really reminds me of something Tim Ferris talks about, outsourcing your life.

    I think the one thing that I am having to reteach myself and this centers around working smarter is the idea of spending money to make money. And I use money as an example. But if I can spend $300 on a virtual assistant who handles emails, etc….and I can use my time to make $3000 why would I not do that.

    I think fear often scares me to spend because I do not know what is on the other side.

    So the lesson I am taking from this is working smart is producing quality stuff.

  • Tara Woodruff

    Thats right! CRUSH it!

  • Tabatha

    Gary, I think the “problem” with “Why Not Both” isn’t that it’s a bad idea – I think the problem is that, as I’ve heard you say time and time again, there’s a lack of effort – not many people WANT to do both. Why? Because they’re putting something else ahead of the effort. Whether it’s watching tv/movies, socializing, “downtime”, whatever you want to call it, that’s more important to them. Now I’m not saying those aren’t valid reasons – for the people who have them, they totally are. I personally feel I “work smart” – but I also know that there are lots of times when I *should* be choosing both but don’t. I also know that so long as I don’t choose both, I’m not going to reap the same benefits as someone who does – it’s just that simple.

    What I find even more interesting about this video is the whole quality/quantity debate regarding content. The reason this struck me is this: I’m a researcher by nature. I want to know everything about everything. I’d rather have too much information than not enough. Why? Because if I have too much information, I can weed out a) what’s relevant, b) what’s inspirational, c) what’s going to help me contextualize, and d) what’s going to help me innovate. So in the grand scheme of things, I’d rather have both – and I think that when you’re someone who either doesn’t have time or patience to scribble down every thought, it only makes sense to have a sanity check at the end of the day.

    Most importantly…why on earth don’t you like cats? ;)

    Great video! :)

  • Reese Stewart

    Gary great idea as long as the quality out weighs the quantity, I’ll take quality over quantity any day.

    • http://www.garyvaynerchuk.com garyvaynerchuk


  • Addison Hollands

    Quick question on Steve, is his main job to record and upload videos and does he do anything else in the world of GaryV? I ask because I think it’s about time to put out great content on my end and I’m thinking a personal assistant who also happens to be gifted at video shizzle. Thanks Gary. HOLLA!!!

  • Chris Monahan

    The Tragically Hip have a song about your video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-QfkcAR7to

  • italianwinelovr

    Your energy level is as high as always-quality content is still king, it keeps them coming back for more and because of that you can have both…I hate cats too!

  • .V airamatnaS raseC

    “A lot of people are leaving greatness on the table”. This has to be one of your next quotes, it was great!

    • http://www.garyvaynerchuk.com garyvaynerchuk

      THANK U!

  • Sam Rosen

    Agreed, Gary. As a content marketer, and knowing the trends (like eMarketer saying content is the top priority for marketers in 2013), I can say, with near-100% confidence, that the coming surge in quantity of content is inevitable. We are already flooded, and will continue to be–with ever-greater momentum in the coming months and years. But, just like great advertising spoke to the emotional value of a product and brand over its pure utility, I think content creators need to understand–and produce more of–content that has extraordinary emotional, intellectual, creative value to consumers. We’re not there yet. But we need to be. Well said, sir.

  • http://www.thetruthisyou.com/ Travis Eneix

    Great stuff! I like your clarification, and could not agree more! Nothing is going to slow the time of ever accelerating content and information. Nothing. Where the skill comes in is quality, applicability, and pertinence.

    Thanks, Gary!

  • http://RonaldWilsher.com/ Ronald Earl Wilsher

    To quote a waykewl! dude I like a lot, “Content is now a commodity. The value of content has never been lower but the IMPORTANCE of content has never been higher.” ~Gary Vee

    So I got to thinking, your COMPETITIVE advantage in the content war is your PERSONALITY. Put your personality online and you’ll get rich. DISCLAIMER: This does NOT work if you’re an idiot.

    I LOVE your idea of RECORDING your thoughts in real time BEFORE they escape and are gone forever. This happens to me on a daily basis.

    Love your style, Mr. G. Keep the faith and keep moving forward. All is well in Paradise. Signed a friend and fellow traveler in The Republic of Texas

  • http://cashwithatrueconscience.com/rbblog Ryan Biddulph

    GV, you can have both quality and quantity and you darn well need to if you want to make an impact.

    Push yourself, to be smart and persistent, and you will make an impact.

    The thing people miss too; you get better by creating, and thinking, and creating, and thinking.

    If I blog, I better write 10 times daily. I better post 10 times. And I do, between 3 blogs. I improve my blogging quality by putting out quantity.

    Love your content man, and thanks for the tweet sent my way too!!


  • http://www.kre8insights.com/ Kris Simmons

    Hey Gary, content marketing for me has really been more about getting found versus building an audience where they are hanging on my every word or stressing out until the next piece of content hits their inbox. I rarely ever get likes, follows or even comments on my stuff but I get huge results regarding new sales. I do believe that my content is “good enough” and when I’m highly focused on getting a lot of it out there, traffic increases quite a bit to my website and I generate a lot of leads from people who want to produce a video for their business. So for me, it’s been way more important and effective to have a truckload of “okay” content versus a handful of “excellent” content.

    Here’s the Catch 22 at least for me. A year ago, I recorded and posted about 25 videos that all dealt with different aspects of using video to market your business. (http://www.youtube.com/6strongmedia) These went on my youtube channel, facebook page, blog and a couple dozen other video sharing sites. Then I used my facebook page, twitter and LinkedIn accounts to promote the videos on a daily (ish) basis for about a month or two.

    The result was about $50,000 in new business from clients who weren’t even in my local market which was HUGE! Then, and I’m sure many small business owners run into this, as the main video producer for our company, I had to take my marketing hat off and put on my “holy shit now I have to manage the production of these videos!” hat on. After several months of fulfilling those orders I realized that I haven’t done a damn thing over the same period of time to market the business.

    My challenge has always been, how do I cost effectively and efficiently keep both going at the same time. One would believe that my results above would be the same or better results month in and month out if I stuck to the plan but I also feel that I’m the best for the job of managing the projects that get produced in my studio as well. (When I manage, I make more money.) In your opinion (and experience), which is the best to start working towards “outsourcing” or hiring people to take care of? I’ve tried to outsource marketing and it never works very well at least yet. I’ve had similar experiences with outsourcing or hiring people to manage my video projects…also didn’t work out well. I believe 150% that content marketing could make my business explode if I stayed consistent but I just need to figure out where to invest my time/money so I can make more time/money. Make sense?

  • garym

    Gary with this in mind check out this site-very interesting http://www.bnporangetap.com

  • yoram samets

    nothing was added to the conversation with this clip. this hi-lights the issue of quality and quantity – this was a quantity homerun.

    • http://www.garyvaynerchuk.com garyvaynerchuk

      sad u think that :(

  • FineWineMike

    every time I watch your video’s…I MISS WINE LIBRARY TV !!!

    • http://www.garyvaynerchuk.com garyvaynerchuk

      Thnx Mike :)

  • http://joeyaugustin.com/ Joey Augustin

    I love the questioning of “who defines quality?” Also, getting ideas out there, out of your head, is a key component to mental creative freedom. Communicating thoughts and ideas in quantity is actually necessary for quality to exist. My 10 cents.

  • http://www.startupmove.com/ Gianni Cara

    Gary, in your opinion, what’s the right balance among Quantity, Quality, Promotion and Build Great Relationships? IMHO, we all need to work smart and hard on these 4 aspects. Finding the right balance sometimes is the hard part of it. How important are tools and processes in this game?

  • http://www.actingunplugged.com/ Anthony P.

    Yea I agree with you Gary. I have started using the voice note app on my iPone to capture some of those ideas. I have been putting a lot down and it is crazy because I would have forgot what I did.

  • Marc C

    Gotta disagree on one point. Ready? TWITTER IS BS!!! Gary, when you did WLTV, I watched. I paid attention. I looked forward to the CONTENT. I don’t bother reading anyone’s twitter crap, and I’m sure nobody reads mine. When I look at the twitter feeds (which happens less every month), I see nothing of interest. If content is king (and I believe it is), we must give QUALITY content, not “my dog took a shit on the neighbor’s lawn” nonsense. Feed me relevant information and I’ll look at it. Don’t waste my time (and yours!) thinking that a constant stream of daily activities will make me buy your product. It’s like the boy who cried “wolf” too many times. I’ll ignore you (or anyone) who doesn’t grab my attention with REAL information. I “test market” often on Facebook (facebook.com/MilitaryBratsNetwork) and have had good success luring (make that, attracting) new members (make THAT customers) to my website at http://www.militarybrat.com. Why? QUALITY CONTENT! I give my customers what they want. Gary, you’ve been an awesome friend to my China Wine Tours (www.chinawinetours.com) business. But honestly, this VIP session just doesn’t pop my cork!

    • Danny Gardner

      I’ve known of Gary for years but just started following him and taking in his advice…because of Twitter. He was under the “Who to Follow” section so I figured “Why not?”. I appreciate him not only giving great content but also following the natural culture of Twitter, tweeting personal feelings about the Jets, a selfie with a vague question, or even a one word tweet saying “Frustrated”. It makes him relevant.

      Content is king, but to take a line from Gary, let’s not forget context. It’s important.

      • Marc C

        Danny, I have actually known Gary for years and consider him to be a friend. He backs up his words with action, and has done so for me in a very personal way. I’m not knocking Gary’s activity on Twitter…it’s the thousands of people who really don’t get it and fill my feed with utter nonsense every two minutes. Those people seem to think that everyone wants to read about their current high fat fru-fru $6 coffee..but rarely if ever post something of real interest. I follow people who follow me, but I unfollow if they have nothing relevant to say. Gary appreciates other points of view. And, he listens to them, and reads every email AND responds. It isn’t just the content he delivers, it’s listening to the “customer.” I am certain that most twitterers don’t listen, they only spew. Therefore, many minutes of life are wasted.

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