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What up #FirstinLine! Exciting day 😉 .. I’m announcing my third sneaker collaboration with K-Swiss, the GaryVee 003 Clouds & Dirt available for pre-order right now, shipping July 16. All of you are the first to know!

After two launches where we had incredibly high demand which led to the 001 and 002’s selling out and some issues with fulfillment & logistics .. I wanted to get ahead of the market and do the release in a way where we would ensure everyone who want’s a pair can get one with less friction. That’s why they are available for pre-order now through K-Swiss and their partners.


Pre-Order Now On KSwiss.Com

Pre-Order Now on

The GaryVee 003 is my latest collaboration between K-Swiss. Dubbed as ‘Sneakers for CEO’s’ the collaboration is aimed at the next generation of hustlers and entrepreneurs.

It is based upon the legendary K-Swiss Classic 88, a timeless icon in the sneaker game. For the first time in its 50 year history, the K-Swiss Classic 88 is presented in a knitted upper for comfort and breathability, while retaining the heritage design DNA of the three-piece toe, D-rings and rubber outsole.

The shoe will be available for pre-sale, from now until June 16th 👟😉

The Gary Vee ‘Clouds and Dirt’ shoe pre-sale event will be valid from April 23rd, 2018 – June 16th, 2018. Customers may buy as many pairs of the shoe as desired. Any orders made during that time period will be charged as a regular order, and all items will be shipped once the shoe becomes available in their warehouse in mid-July. No order cancellations, and no refunds until the order ships. The standard 30-day return policy will be valid once the item ships to the customer and the customer will pay a $6.00 return shipping fee if they decide to return their shoes, regardless of whether they purchased in the pre-sale event or not. Size exchanges will not be available. For a different size, customers will need to place a new order, which will be subject to size availability.

GaryVee 003 Exclusive #FirstinLine Contest:

Today ONLY I’m doing a special contest .. If you buy 5 pairs right now by the end of the day on Monday April 23, and send me a receipt to with the subject “5 pairs” you will be entered into an exclusive drawing to get flown out free of charge to ComplexCon in LA, jam with me for a 1 hour brunch AND get the very first pair of 003’s handed to you! Watch the video for full info bel0w:

For those of you that don’t know, Clouds & Dirt was the first original film I made about the my mindset as an entrepreneur.  Plain and simple .. Are you pulling from opposite directions? Do you understand the macro, the mission and the motive, and are you able to execute and apply the work, the grind, and the hustle to succeed? Are you able to backup your ambitions with your actions and are you doing everything in your power to breakthrough? Here’s the update to that classic clip.

It’s time you ignore everything between the clouds and dirt.