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Team GaryVee

Team GaryVee (TGV) is a collective of creative and analytical minds dedicated to scaling Gary Vaynerchuk’s personal brand through daily social media content creation. We are a team of 30+ individuals — domestic and international — with roles ranging from videographers, creators and editors to Platform Strategy Producers (PSPs) and Post Creative Strategists (PCSs). TGV is based out of VaynerMedia’s Hudson Yards office in New York City.






Channels for Gary


Pieces of content published each week


Different languages

Structure & Roles


(Platform Strategy Producer)

A Platform Strategy Producer, produces and creates an emotional, impactful, strategic organic content for Gary Vaynerchuk’s personal brand collaborating with our creators to make and manipulate video, a plethora of short clips, photography, social copy, gifs, streaming stories, etc.

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(Post Creative Strategists)

This role is focused on identifying insights and developing creative strategies and briefs for a social-first approach to marketing. Someone who is an expert in popular culture and who is monitoring our brand social channels & relevant online conversations looking for highest impact opportunities to engage.

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A Creator uses and creates on social media daily, is someone who has the ability to make relevant content across all platforms and has extraordinary skills in at least one if not all of these: producing, design, video editing, social media copywriting. A TGV Creator masters the ability to turn any branded content into a volume of social gold (clips, gifs, graphics, photos, stories, copy, etc.).

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