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In my continued efforts to bring the most value to the entrepreneurs, operators, and marketers of the world, today on my 44th birthday, I’m releasing a deck that the team and I have worked on extensively over the last couple of months. 

We did it to inspire and, more importantly, to create the tactics and details around how you, your organization, your startup, or your Fortune 500 company can push the envelope to create more content than you ever thought possible. In a volume-centric creative world, it’s about creating more context for the audience you’re trying to reach and more context on the platforms that you’re distributing on. 

This deck continues my tradition of creating step-by-step guides that give you the exact tactics I’ve used to run my businesses and grow my audience. That includes references like The Content Model, The $1.80 Strategy, How to Tell a Story on Social Media, LinkedIn Marketing Strategies and How To Network On Instagram DM.

I hope you find this new 270-page deck below massively valuable, and I’m extremely proud that it’s free. Happy birthday to you, from me, on my birthday 🙂

Please enjoy and share this with entrepreneurs, executives, and your friends – I genuinely believe this deck will help so many.

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Here are just some of the hacks I cover to help you produce more content…

11 Easy Hacks To Create More Content

1.  Screenshot your tweets and turn them into Instagram posts (pg 20) 

2. Download your TikTok clips and post them on Instagram stories (pg 239)

3. Take pictures with partners, customers, or clients and add long copy for context. Post on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Twitter (pg 126)

4. Crosspost your Instagram stories to Facebook stories and Snapchat (pg 177)

5. Create lightweight memes with the Preview App or Microsoft Paint (pg 41)

6. Post image of your thoughts by taking a screenshot of your message on any notepad app (pg 65)

7. Screenshot your Twitter interactions, and post on Instagram stories (pg 177)

8. Use polls on Facebook and Instagram for market research (pg 226)

9. Screenshot your best posts on social and share them as a carousel on Instagram and LinkedIn (pg 55)

10. Convert your best tweets into “quote graphic” images  (pg 167)

11. Add your two cents to trending news in your field (pg 196)

Check out all 270 pages here: 

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More resources

We’ll be adding more bite-sized articles and resources from this 270-page deck here:

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