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Over the past several years, my team and I have been working hard on putting out video content across YouTube and social – vlogs, AskGaryVee episodes, keynotes, original films, and more. 

But in the process of covering so many topics and putting out so much content, sometimes it can be hard to find the exact video or moment to answer a question you might have or find something specific to your situation. 

Which is why we built the GaryVee Search Engine 🙂 

Using the updated GaryVee Search Engine, you can type in any word or phrase you want to hear me talk about:

Hit search, and browse through a huge list of videos and moments where that exact word or phrase was mentioned. 

For example, if you wanted to hear me talk about real estate, you could search for “real estate” in the search engine and then click on any result – that would take you directly to the exact moment in that video when those words were mentioned. 

In the screenshot above, clicking “real estate, stocks, attention” would take you to the exact point in the video where the words “real estate, stocks, attention” were mentioned. 

That means you can search my database of video content for literally anything, and if I talked about it or it was mentioned in a video, you’ll be able to find it super quickly. 

You can search as specific or as broad as you want, and also sort results by relevance, or by oldest / newest. 

If you have any questions, hit up @TeamGaryVee on Twitter!