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Part 3: The Core Variables

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Copy: Would you get these finance questions right for $500?


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copy: Red flags to look for when buying a car! #KeepItRealMeals #fyp #stingraychevorlet


Part 5: Breaking Down Content Examples

Straight-to-Camera Selfie Videos

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Self-Care Savage Wisdom!

If you can’t show me, I can’t hear you!

Know your worth!
#friendlyreminder #inspiration #motivation #wisdom #selfcare

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Copy: Life update 💕 A message to past me , You did everything you had to , to get us here and for that I’m forever thankful We got it from here 💕 God is amazing

Mascot Driven Content

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Copy:They make me feel so old #nyc #empirestatebuilding #newyork

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Copy: u can always trust the red ball with ur secrets 😏 #vegassphere