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Part 5: Breaking Down Content Examples

Cartoons and comics

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Creative product placement

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Copy: No because I could go on an entire rant about the hypocrisy 😒😐#gameofthrones #houseofthedragon

Real-life backgrounds

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Copy: Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back, and realise they were the big things. 💙

Street Interviews

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Copy: Once you identify how valuable your skills are, it will be more challenging for companies to lowball you. Leave a 👏 if you agree!
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Modern Commercials


The commercial starts with a couple — a man and his partner named Claire — who are about to spend a weekend with his family. As they take their belongings out of the car and go into the house, the camera zooms in on a pack of Scott 1000 toilet rolls are were accidentally left behind in the car.

The build-up:

Claire is enjoying dinner with the family, and steps away for a bit to use the restroom. Shortly after, she notices that the only available toilet paper in the bathroom is 5-ply toilet paper — she remembers that she forgot the pack of Scott 1000 rolls in the car, and continues to flush the 5-ply paper down the toilet.

The climax:

The tension heats up as the toilet begins to overflow. Claire makes many attempts to stop it — including using a plunger and a towel. She begins to panic, and the scene really builds up once the man starts knocking on the door to check on her. She screams “I’m fine” while trying to save the situation, while the grandma’s also waiting outside the bathroom to use it.

When the man finally opens the door, they notice an empty bathroom, with an open window — the camera then pans over to Claire running down the street after having fled the scene, yelling out “it was only pee!”

The value of the video is the storyline – opener feels like a trailer, suspense builds, and the video ends – it’s a classic rendition of a horror movie, something more brands need to learn from.

Lenses and Filters

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