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Part 5: Breaking down content examples


via Ryanair on Facebook

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Copy: Ick number 5 they’re the only airline I can afford to fly with

Listicles are typically articles written in “list” format; traditionally, people have applied listicles to status updates, articles, or newsletters, but the same concept can be applied to videos as well. Giving people an easy numbered list to follow is a classic, tried-and-true way of making content easier to consume.

Check out how Ryanair put out a Facebook Reel with the title “My top 5 icks about Ryanair” above.

Content with multiple actions

via @gjuanita on TikTok

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Copy: Replying to @go away. makeup and facts! yay #factsboutme #grwm #makeuptok

In the example above, it’s literally just a three-minute video with the creator sharing facts about herself while doing makeup at the same time. I think people are fascinated watching those who do two things at once; it gives multiple reasons for people to consume your piece of content.

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Copy: Ready to start a healthier routine? Now, when you subscribe to AG1 you’ll get a FREE 1-year supply of AG Vitamin D3+K2 and 5 AG1 Travel Packs. Skip or cancel anytime.

Surprise and delight

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Replying to @venomgold21 packing your upgraded hot sauce order 💪🌶️ #elijahsxtreme #packingorders #smallbusiness

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YALL ALREADY KNO!!!! FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE VID FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN WOOOOOOH!!!! #scrubdaddy #smile #cleantok #cleaningtiktok #americasfavoritesponge

Testing new product concepts

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Copy: I should have a Guiness Record for inventing things at this point. #unnecessaryinventions

Pop culture crossovers

via @maxgoodrich on Instagram

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Copy: Why is he such a bully? @champagnepapi @mirshotem

@maxgoodrich inserted himself into a video with Drake, adding in production effects to make it seem like Drake was interacting with him in the video. Besides the fact that Max smartly weaved his personal brand into this video with a cultural icon, I believe this video worked well because it’s a challenging format to execute.

This is one that requires some real work and thought behind the production; it’s not like other videos where you can just slap on a title and captions and call it a day.

User Generated Content (UGC)

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User-generated content (UGC) refers to content created by customers or advocates of your business. It’s a way of scaling word-of-mouth advertising—if a normal human being recommends something to you, you’ll trust that over a corporation recommending something to you. It’s just how it works.

The above video from Russ is a solid example of what it looks like in action.