[Infographic] #HowTo Produce #Content for #Instagram

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Keep calm and use more #Hashtags. Instagram might be the single best platform for reaching Millennials.



  • Bryce Martin

    You misspelled “teens” as “teans” in your header quote, or did I miss a new intertubes meme?

    Great highlight of Instagram’s audience.

    #proofread #TGIF

  • Joe Lopez

    Shit man!…i sat on my sisters cat!!!!!!!!..plus it smells likE well.. everythings legal now n days like medical crack etc.H0lylsshit she came Ummm….wheres mmmy chihuahua(((:/…and my roach 0_o!!!!!

    • http://boardwalkfitnesswinona.com Giz Mo


  • tiredofhollywoodjunk

    My opinion you suck at instaslam.. The arrogance to say your way is the right way and not to mention your stuff is no better than another 100 instaslamers. Anyone can push a button or filter selection.. So please…. what a joke.

  • Xaiver Smythe

    I splooged in my panties

  • Giz Mo

    Oh my
    Rock & Roll under #MYGYM that doesn’t #suck!

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