Storytelling in 2013

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If you’ve been following my keynotes for the last few years, I think you should really watch this one to see how much things have changed. WE ARE AT SCALE. I’m not talking about the future anymore. I’m not talking about what things are going to be like. We need to be telling our stories right now with the platforms that are here right now.

Don’t be the person who refuses to play like the year it actually is. Whether it’s a 140 character story or a six-second one, or even one what disappears forever after 10 seconds. We need to be storytelling for now!

  • Rob Orr

    Absolutely outstanding. We were just talking about a company this morning who’s going to get swept away if they don’t understand their antiquated ways of reaching their customers and the public don’t work any more. Very timely.

    • garyvaynerchuk

      glad it was timely :)

  • Jennifer Donogh

    What are some examples of companies or event producers that are “doing it right” – telling stories where their people are – when it comes to spreading the word and selling signups to events?

  • Tom Ordonez

    Hey Gary very interesting video. I wrote a blog post about storytelling a few weeks ago. It could be helpful for people that want to break out of the usual ways of marketing

  • Daniel Gronowski

    Wow what an awesome talk! so many people need to understand the need to be interesting in your own right when marketing. Push has been dying a slow death for years! And i completely agree trying to force people to watch adds doesn’t work either

  • Olena VK

    So true!

  • Megan

    Absolutely incredible keynote. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Gary,

    The turn is amazing, from $800 to a ton more dough. Stories impact. Old school marketing makes little impact. Marketers ruin everything. Good one. Stories rule, and habits are changing. Thanks GV, you rocked it out again.


    • garyvaynerchuk

      appreciate it Ryan!

  • Dai Manuel

    Amazing presentation, Gary! (As per usual) – when you back up in Vancouver to key-note again?

    • garyvaynerchuk

      not sure yet but I will :)

  • Karen Goodman

    Thanks for the inspiration to get serious about Instagram. I tend to interact mostly on Facebook, pin and re-pin on Pinterest and am working on bringing value and connecting on twitter. But Instagram has mostly been pictures of my dog at bedtime. Point taken…time to start telling more stories so people who follow me get who I am and what my brand is all about on every channel.

  • Men’s Shaving

    Great video Gary. Loved the explanation as to why you called your new book “Jab Jab Jab Right Hook”. Makes so much sense, and will definitely stick in my mind.

    • garyvaynerchuk

      appreciate it man, wait to u read it!

  • Alex DiVecchio

    Amazing message, per usual Gary. I’m 29, and I never understood Snapchat and thought it was juvenile up until recently. All my friends my age feel the same way. This past month, I’ve been hanging out with a new social circle of some early-mid 20′s folk. I was at a party this past weekend and they were Snapchatting each other, and sending them… to each other. Just a barrage of Snapchats flying all over the place. Your voice was in my head…. and I thought, “Alright I didn’t get Snapchat before, but something tells me that there’s some serious value here.” From now on, no matter how much I don’t “get” a communication tool/platform at first, I will still make a full effort to understand it. For the sake of my social life, and professional life. I am now a loyal Snapchat user, and I even enjoy it most of the time. Take care buddy! Can’t wait for the book.

  • hardikjoshi

    Gary is God!

  • Patrick ( TUANGO )

    Hi Gary. We are running a very profitable group buying site. Our best marketing channel is still email by far after 4 years. 99% of our sells come from emails. This is the same thing as 4 years ago. What is changing is email on mobile vs desktop. Maybe we do email right by being very careful about how many emails we sent and doing a lot of analysis on the content we put in them. I understand that email is going to drop, but we just don’t see it happening.

    • Patrick ( TUANGO )


      The funny thing also about billboard is that we have them on some occasion when we get a very good price. Most people I talk to about our company in the street is telling me that at some point they saw our billboard. Since billboard are expensive event at low price, it give us some credibility. There is so many sites out there similar to us that when someone see a billboard they know that we are not a business run by 2 kids.

      We all have the same thinking as you on email and thing like billboard, but we are just very surprise in our case that they are still very strong channel.

      Thanks for doing all those great speeches.

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