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I get so many questions in my DMs and in the comments of my socials from youngsters trying to “figure it out.”


I believe there’s some confusion in the world about what young people should do within the context of society in 2023 – whether it’s kids rushing to try and be a millionaire by 30, or overvaluing the success one has at 22 right out of school, or any number of things, I’m really passionate about putting out content that shares a different perspective.


The points below are concepts I wish more people considered – hope this brings you value, share this link with someone who needs to read it!



#1. Dream and Execute:

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99% of you have the ideas but only 1% are focusing on execution. Execution is the whole game…that’s how you figure out your strengths and weaknesses as you go. 

Look around you, you have so much potential and so much time to figure out the dream and the execution plan. 


#2. Patience

Most important of all. You have more time on your hands than you think. I would give up anything to be 15 again and try all the amazing technology that we could only wish we had back in the day. Make use of that and figure out a path for yourself by giving yourself the self love, support, and patience. 

#3. Save Money and Learn

You all are underestimating the power of long term mindset when it comes to saving. Save money, flip, learn. This is something I have done all my life and it helped more than just in the financial side of things. You learn how to create, sell, engage, negotiate and what not.



#4. Be Compassionate

If someone in school is taking the time to tell you ‘you’re ugly, you’re stupid, you suck’, they’re in a very bad place…the best way to deal with that is by deploying compassion…I dispense compassion in impossible scenarios. That’s the test, hard situations expose who you really are. If you make it a point to be empathetic to your bullies and haters, you win the game. 

#5. Try As Many Things As Possible

Your teens and even your twenties are for trial and error. Take as much time as you need to figure out your game plan. Doing something thrice and four times will tell you what you’re good at and what you’re not good at. Use that information to your advantage and take as much input as you can to bank on your strengths/that data. 


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A post shared by Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk (@garyvee)

#6. Learn to Love to Lose

Fall in love with losing because 99% people are afraid of it. The key to success is having a lot of failures, listening to a lot of ‘NO’s…and when you lead with that, a lot of things will seem a lot more easy. 



#7. Think Positively

If you think positively good things will happen, if you’re thinking negatively, bad things will happen. You have to train your mind to see the positive. The key to getting results is to instill optimism and move forward.

#8. Limit Your Time with Negative Friends 

Who you spend time with is who you become. If your friends or family bring you down, find that one person who pushes you to be a better version of yourself. It’s all about adding that one person to your life who makes the difference. Find that one winner friend who has that positive influence on you.


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#9. Do Good

Doing good for other people is a good strategy. Period. 

Do good, feel good!


#10. Take Advantage of the Resources Around You

You’re living in the greatest era to be alive because you have the power of the world in your pocket. You could be a global figure and develop a brand and a name for yourself at 15…This concept was unheard of, decades ago…so many of you don’t realize how much power you have on your fingertips. Don’t sleep on that, make good use of that.


#11. Be Self Aware

Boy, do I love to push this. Accountability and self awareness is going to pull you out of sadness like no other quality. It wouldn’t let you dwell on things, instead it would make you take action. 

The hardest thing in this age is to be you and authentically you… do not let other people’s voices into your head. If I could wish all of you one thing besides health, I would wish you self awareness. 


Hope this helps make things easy for you all youngsters. I have so much respect for people who have real ambition and are willing to put in the effort at a very early age. The only thing I want you to know is that you got this! Tweet to me at @garyvee on Twitter.