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On this episode, I tackled the brand new app Peach and my thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions.

#QOTD: What is your early read on Peach? Had you heard of it before this show today?

1:21 – Do you set personal and business goals for the New Year? If so, how do you stay focused throughout the year?
2:31 – You are incredibly passionate about Snapchat now. Snapchat’s been around for a few years. Why now? What’s changed?
7:13 – When I’m out of the office, I feel guilty about leaving my team in the office, even if I’m at a meeting. I’m scared they might think like “”the boss is all play and fun.” Any advice?
9:11 – Is a beautiful interruption in your consumer’s day a good thing or should everything be seamless?
12:38 – What do you think of the new emerging social media Peach? A fad or something revolutionary?

14:41 – End of show rant