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On this episode, India is not here and I talk startup life! I answer a few questions about how to grow and scale a company and what the emerging market is like.


Questions Answered on This Episode

  • 5:15 – How does a startup know when to add staff? What positions are most critical to line up first?
  • 8:03 – what are 2 or 3 things that makes one pitch stand out from all the others?
  • 11:25 – Ideas alone can only get you so far, but once you’ve gotten off the ground, what does an investor need to see to invest in a startup?
  • 13:19 – For an early stage startup that just received $500k, $600k, or $1MM in capital, what are the critical things they should be looking to address?
  • 16:19 – When assessing the scalability of a company, what are the things you look for?
  • 19:43 – It seems like emerging startup markets are becoming increasingly viable. What are cities like Buffalo doing right now?

Guest List

  • Sam Blatz (my India replacement for this episode!)

Resources from This Episode