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If you’ve been watching my vlogs recently, you’ve probably seen me rocking a new pair of K-Swiss sneakers…

Today, I’m excited to finally talk about it 😉

I’m announcing my next signature sneaker with K-Swiss, the GaryVee 004: Positivity & Optimism!

We’re doing something a bit different this time – dropping a high top and low top at the same time in two different colors:

I’ve always felt that the small minority of people who are mad, angry, hateful, and dark are much louder than a large percentage of us who are happy, excited, and feel great.

And because of the way technology works today, that small minority is much, much louder than they’ve ever been before.

As somebody with an audience, I feel a sense of responsibility to get louder about positivity and optimism and encourage other happy people to do the same.

That’s what the GaryVee 004 is about.

The sneaker is available in low-top and mid-top, with “positivity and optimism” print that’s visible from every angle.

How to get them

The sneakers are releasing on 6/10 in the US, EU, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan!

Here’s where to get them:

US:,, or

UK / EU: and

Australia: and Intersport Auburn.

Hong Kong: Any K-Swiss stores throughout the region.

Taiwan: Any K-Swiss stores throughout the region.


The 004’s will be available in men’s and women’s sizes – men’s sizes run from 6.5 to 15 and female sizes run from size 5 to 12.  

Hit up @TeamGaryVee on Twitter if you have any questions!