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I started Tea With GaryVee a couple months ago in an effort to bring people more value during quarantine. Given that Q&A is one of my biggest strengths, the show has created an opportunity to sit down with people 1-on-1 and address a lot of topics I haven’t touched on before – in a much slower format.

Reading the feedback and thinking about some of the most impactful moments from the episodes so far, I thought it would be valuable to do a Tea With GaryVee Youngsters Edition.

Tea With GaryVee Youngsters will be dedicated to taking questions from people in their teens or younger (under 20 years old). 

Here’s how to submit a question: 

  1. Text me at 1-212-931-5731. Include your question, name, number, and the hashtag #TeaWithGaryVeeYoungsters
  2. Or if you’re international and can’t text, tweet your question with the hashtag #TeaWithGaryVeeYoungsters and tag me @GaryVee

My team will review everything that comes in and pick a few of you in advance to be on Friday’s show!