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Big big announcement – I’m going live tonight (7/21) on TikTok at 8pm ET / 5pm PT!

VaynerMedia London has been working with UNICEF for this incredible #OneLoveOneHeart Challenge. I’ll be going live for an hour and chatting with some TikTok influencers and some of your favorite artists, like Bryce Xavier, Trevor Felt, Trevor Bell, Brook Bridges, Montana Tucker, Claudia, Nacho Nacif, and more!

We’ll be talking about the state of the union of that platform, social media as a whole, and some of the more important issues around what people are going through in these times and how we can help.

As some of you might remember, I hosted a similar TikTok livestream for  the #ALLINCHALLENGE, raising over $2 million for coronavirus relief efforts. This time, we’ll be raising money for UNICEF by letting anyone click the “donation” button on the TikTok live stream screen, and donate money.  Plus, Pandora will be matching donations up to $1M. 

Event details

  • Date and time: You can tune in tonight (7/21) at 8pm ET on my TikTok account.
  • Donation details: To donate, just hit the button that’ll appear on the screen during the livestream. Every donation will be matched by Pandora (the jewelry brand) up to $1 million.
  • Donation matching: All proceeds from the livestream will help UNICEF respond to the immediate needs by providing soap, masks, gloves, hygiene kits, protective equipment and life-saving information for children and families; support near term recovery efforts, including by supporting education, protection and healthcare systems. 

Another way to participate in the TikTok challenge

You can also take part in the challenge by making a TikTok using the song One Love. Here’s an example: 


For the re-release of Bob Marley’s ##OneLoveOneHeart, reveal your One Love, nominate 5 friends, and donate $5 to help children affected by COVID19.

♬ original sound – unicef

Add the “donation” sticker on your post and pick “UNICEF” as your charity of choice. Keep it clean (like something your little cousin would watch) and tag at least 5 of your friends to participate too. If you can’t wait for the challenge and want to donate right now, click the link below.

Would mean a lot to me if you tuned in & shared this post – excited for tonight!! If you’re not able to attend the live stream you can donate here.