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On this episode, I talk about design changes, what I would do with $3,000 to build a business, and… do I like being challenged?


Questions Answered on This Episode

  • 2:44 – I want to snap & vlog my work, but I’m mostly sitting at a desk on my phone & email. How can I add variety in content?
  • 5:51 – What are some of your best tips for getting the deal done and making sure what it is mutually beneficial for both parties?
  • 8:30 – How do design changes to apps that cause a negative stir affect brand image or usage? Or does it even?
  • 11:48 – You challenge old every day, how do you feel when challenged from younger – professionally?
  • 14:54 – If you were to build a company today from scratch, at the beginning stages of your company, what would your top three first moves be? Keep in mind you only have $3000.

Resources from this Episode

Question of the Day

  • What have you been up to?