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#AskGaryVee Episode 22: The Big Difference Between Sales and Branding

By September 23, 2014No Comments3 min read

#QOTD: What will the results of the Jets-Lions game be?

00:38 – If you bought the Jets today, what would be the first thing you would do?
01:18- What motivates you to continue to any project (like wine library) without seeing any significant growth prior?
02:08 – As an entrepreneur how do you feel about gov officials picking winner i.e Wynn getting approval for casino in Boston?
03:13- What is your response to brands looking for 24/6 community management? Is it worth the investment or overkill?
04:14- Do you trust that with enough good will and trust people will find your website/email when it’s time to buy? If I need my content to drive bookings, should I at least have a link for more info, when people are ready for it?

Look, I’m a salesman. I’m all about the CTA (Call to action), but at the end of the day we’re talking about the difference between sales and branding. Anybody can be a great salesman, but creating a great brand is something totally different.

Being a Nike, being a Puma, as opposed to just selling sneakers, is totally different.

Sometimes I don’t go for the CTA, sometimes I don’t go for the popup, or the other growth-hacking techniques. The reason for that is I believe in the Jabs. I believe in branding. I believe that there is a time and a place. I believe there’s context.

In a 2015 world, people watch this show, and they see that I’m not selling them anything; that I’m taking the time to do this in my favorite place in the world (the Jets’ parking lot). Sure I COULD throw some call to action at them, but by asking for that, I leaving something huge on the table. That person has the ability to google me, find out more, and develop a real relationship with my brand, but by selling up front, I could very well ruin that. By trying to score on the first date, I could be passing up the chance to get married.

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