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#AskGaryVee Episode 47: How I Screwed Up My Uber Investment

By November 26, 2014No Comments3 min read

#QOTD: What weaknesses of yours are you giving thanks for? And be honest. This will help you.

01:27 – Should I wait until my website is 100% built before putting out content or put out content while I’m still building it?
03:08 – How would you recommend looking for a co-founder
05:04 – I have my own blog, but I don’t do podcast or videos because I have a Russian accent, and I worry about my trustworthiness is this something I should worry about?
08:16 – In the past what was your equivalent of that #OneAlmond moment from episode 46? What did you potentially miss out on?
10:59 – What’s behind the recent big surge in wine time for you? Missing it? Big opportunity in app?

Someone by the name of Tommy Mottola (look him up) once told me that he wouldn’t try and sell anything until the artist he was working with and the product they were creating (in this case music) were ready. And I agree with that to some extent because if you’re going to sell something you need to make sure that those ready to buy it can actually do so, but it also needs to make sense for the context involved. So let me explain.

If you’re able to achieve and execute on business objectives by building out content and pushing your product or business without the need of a fully built website, then by all means, go for it. By creating content you’re beginning the journey of how your story will unfold. The reception of this content will also allow you to test and learn and understand the best approach to creating future content once your business and website are ready for the masses. That process you simply don’t want to miss out on.

And so, a big issue I’ve been seeing is that people are too reluctant to sell against the communities and the impressions they’ve established on social. Too many people are caught up on only leveraging their website for banner ads but selling against social audiences is essentially the same thing. If you’re creating valuable content that’s living on social then you might as well take advantage of that opportunity. Don’t get caught up in only monetizing on the platform that you fully own when there’s a world of opportunity that exists through the channels you’re deciding to put your content on.

So in short – If the opportunity to create content presents itself and makes sense for the objectives of the business you’re trying to build, then my suggestion is to go ALL IN and get moving. NOW.