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#AskGaryVee Episode 66: Top Line Revenue and Niche Advertising on Instagram!

By February 3, 2015No Comments3 min read

#QOTD: Where Are You Consuming The AskGaryVee Show? iPhone? IPad? Tv? or Computer? Where?

02:04 – I need to hire an office assistant. Sales are great, but I don’t necessarily have the capital to pull the trigger. Any creative ideas on how to achieve this?
06:17 – How can musicians develop their brands on instagram?
09:12 – What’s the best way for a niche Instagram account to sell ads?
12:53 – Why do you focus on topline revenue? Is it about having attention to cash in on?
15:11- How do I market a new, more expensive, higher quality product to my existing audience?


If you’re looking to try and sell ads on your Instagram account, first up you need the followers – the scale – to support bringing in real money. You need to spend the next 6-12 months actively acquiring new users. Then the answer is YES. It’s totally fine to be making an ad once every 7 Instagram videos (remember, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook). But you need to make the stuff entertaining. Think like 1950’s advertorial-style commercial starring you using the product. Like when they used to bring dogs onto Jonny Carson to eat Alpo dog food. All of that is clearly coming back into vogue.

Now here is what I would do if it were me: You need to basically google all of the news and media relating to your specific niche, and you need to reach out to every single person in the first 80 pages of results to let them know what you’re doing and see if they can get you exposure. You need to absolutely be pounding all 879 influencers who matter in your niche to make sure they know who you are. You need to be the one to reach out and say “yo”.

Guys. Most of you aren’t TAKING it. You have to understand that with Wine Library TV, I reached out and TOOK it. I emailed EVERYBODY who had a wine blog in 2006, and said “hey, I’m doing this!”

And I get that not everybody is comfortable with self promoting. I love when my european friends are like “oh that’s such an American thing.” But I’m telling you that if you’re smart and you position it the right way, which is not to be straight up like “YOU SHOULD WRITE ABOUT ME!” (Right Hook), but instead saying “Hey I love our community, if there is anything I can ever do you for, let me know.” (Jab), you’re going to see results. You just are.

So get out there and take it.