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#AskGaryVee Episode 7: Parents, Patience, and Pie

By August 11, 2014No Comments1 min read

Getting into some long-winded answers today! It’s a really great sign, too, because it’s clear that you guys are asking me amazing questions, so I really want to give some of them the time they deserve. Also be sure to hit me up on CyberDust tomorrow (@garyvee) so I can answer some of your more personal questions.

#QOTD: What other personalities in the video world are you enjoying content from?

Cyberdust –
Matthew Santoro –…
Music by T.Jay –

1:58 – Who are your idols? or the people that inspire you?
2:58 – Should I take a risk by expanding to other platforms? or stick to youtube?
4:05 – What do you consider more valuable…enthusiasm or action?
5:36 – How would you suggest an indie artist use their marketing money when royalty checks come in 6 months later?
6:25 – Cake or Pie?
6:39 – Any tips on how to make an unknown hashtag popular?