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If you’re on this page it’s because I want you to review the #AskGaryVee book. It would mean the world to me. Whether you review the book on your Instagram account, a write-up on your respective blog or newsletter, a tweet, an Amazon review, or simply passing it to a friend who should read it, please share this book. Be it positive or negative, the truth is undefeated and I ask you to adhere to that.

If you’re confused on what to do with this damn thing, let the example below guide you. ☺

How to write an Instagram Book Review:

How to review the #AskGaryVee Book


Take a picture of you and the book. The front cover should be prominent and the focus of the shot because really, who doesn’t like my face? 😉


Write a quick review of what you think of the book. I wanna know!


Be sure to tag me (@garyvee) and use the hashtag #AskGaryVee. Other suggested hashtags include: #bookstagram #AskGaryVeeBook #bookreview #entrepreneur #hustle etc.

#Protip: The more hashtags and tags you use, the more people will see it. 😉