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Consider This Before Building a Personal Brand

By September 20, 2014No Comments2 min read

One question that gets submitted to The #AskGaryVee show pretty regularly is something to this effect: Is it better to develop a personal brand, or to produce content as your company?

It’s a solid question, and something a lot of people struggle with. Let’s look at it from my perspective. Imagine that, back in the day, I was torn between being GaryVee or WineMarketingMan. Fast forward to now, and the reason for my answer becomes clear. I knew I wasn’t going to be The Wine Guy forever. I was able to make the transition from “guy who drank wine and spit into the Jets bucket” to “guy who dispenses business advice” seamlessly as my career evolved.

What happens if you evolve? Maybe you started as some kind of “Marketing Guru” but evolved to start a carrot juice brand. Going with your own name allows your brand the freedom to evolve with your career.

Many of us have different facets to our personalities, so I’m firmly of a mind that says you should always brand around your name. It allows consistency, and it means I never had to change my Twitter handle from @WineGuy to @AskGuy.


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