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Daily Digital Deep Dive

VaynerMedia is a full service digital agency built for the now. We partner with clients to drive their business outcomes with best-in-class modern video production, media planning & distribution, influencer marketing, Google & Alexa voice services, and everything in between.

Over the past 8 years we have worked with companies large and small from AB InBev, Pepsico and GE to small 1-100M dollar SMB’s.

We have built world class proficiency in the areas of creative production, paid media, influencer marketing, emerging technology and IoT, e-commerce, personal branding, small and medium size business, startups, professional consulting and event based marketing.  

As the CEO of VaynerMedia, it has been an enormous goal of mine to be able to share this expertise with as many people in business as possible, from seasoned veterans to those just starting up.

My goal is to build VaynerMedia into a business where we say ‘yes!’ and provide value across the board. Our newest offering, The Daily Digital Deep Dive is a 1 day in depth consulting session created to do just that.

You’ll leave the day with all the practical marketing advice and tools to scale your business as myself and my senior leadership will take you through tactical workshops focused on:

  • Culture: Why it’s important and how to build it.
  • Operations: How I have scaled myself as the CEO of VaynerMedia.
  • Creative: Developing creative frameworks to tell your story.
  • Strategy: Defining your business and developing concrete objectives.
  • Social Platforms: Understanding platform nuances and how to leverage emerging social networks for your business.
  • Media Buying: Media strategy and step-by-step ad-buying best practices.
  • Influencers: How and why to leverage influencers on every social network.
  • Personal Branding: The “GaryVee model” of personal branding and content creation.

The Daily Digital Deep Dive (4Ds) is reserved to small groups consisting of no more than 13 people. The atmosphere is intimate so that we can tailor the experience to you and your specific business needs. My team will conduct an in depth call with all attendees prior to your 4Ds experience in order to gather any and all relevant context. We’ll engage as a group to identify and address all questions you may have.

The goal of this program is for you to walk away with practical solutions to help grow your business and be part of a lasting community. All members will be part of an exclusive Facebook Alumni group in order to stay connected and support one another on their professional journey.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are some popular testimonials:

Is The 4Ds Worth It?

⭐️The 4Ds further reiterated that life/business is about investments and the people you surround yourself with. It also helped with the more tactical issue of how to deliver and cultivate content. –Nick Stringari, Stringari Media

⭐️I can directly tie well over $100,000 in revenue to stuff I’ve learned from you guys since I was there. 10X’d my investment in cash already. –GrantWise,

⭐️The 4Ds event was an empowering punch-to-the-gut wake up call, a kick-in-the-ass to pursue bigger dreams, and a giant hug to let you know you’re not alone. Jasmine Star, Photographer + Business Strategist

⭐️Masters Choice has implemented so many new changes to our marketing strategy from things learned at our 4Ds day. The biggest most obvious change though is not in the marketing department. After hearing from Claude at the event, and running into her in the halls at Vayner on my way out, the biggest lessons learned were about heart and culture. She had the heart to email me and talk on a video call in follow up. As a result, we have hired a full time “Heart Director” that will work to maintain a culture of love and caring in our business. Claude even took time to call our Heart Director and offer advice and help her understand her new role.- Andrew Crabtree, Brand Manager, –Masters Choice Nutrition


For more information about The Daily Digital Deep Dive, please click HERE!