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What’s up VaynerNation!

Some of you may have a craving for Ocean Spray right now? Why? Because you watched one of the most successful commercials of all time–and you probably didn’t even realize it. Whether or not Ocean Spray intended for it to happen (and believe me, they didn’t) regular people are the best markers of all time. They can really push a brand forward if they put their minds to it. The opposite is also true, and perhaps more exciting; regular people can control the fate of a brand without even realizing it. Keep reading to find out what I think about DoggFace208 going viral, and what it means for the future of advertising.  

Why did this type of content make such a big impact on sales for Ocean Spray? 

That’s simple, marketing works. People are very very naive of how marketing, and awareness, actually works. Millions upon millions of people saw that video, which means tens of thousands of people got, Oh man, I like Ocean Spray. Why did I stop drinking Ocean Spray? in their minds. Or they may have thought, I’m just gonna get some Ocean Spray because there’s a creator culture going on, this is trending, oh let me copy that. There’s a strong sense of creativity and creation going on right now.

Now, how would you, as a brand, recreate the Ocean Spray moment that forces people to go out, get your product, and make content with it? One of the obvious emerging strategies for that is Smirnoff Ice during the “icing” challenge. That’s for all the historians out there. It’s a great example because a decade ago, there was a big trend called Icing that forced you to buy Smirnoff Ice. It exploded their sales. If I’m a brand right now, I would try to create something, some challenge, on TikTok  that makes people have to buy my brand. 

How can brands rethink their marketing without being copycats?

Brands should be direct copy cats. I think that an insight was created from this moment and of course the brands that go so literally (aka, I’m Tropicana orange juice and I’m gonna try to get an influencer to ride a bike and drink Tropicana), I think that would fall. However, to be frank, I think it could hit if they’re making fun of themselves when they’re executing it. 

There’s a way to spin this for your brand. On the flip side, as a brand, how do you make the video, or find the influencers, to create very authentic things that are lighthearted? Let’s not be confused. One of the biggest reasons the Doggface208 video worked is because we are all, in America, grasping for simplicity and ease right now. It’s a very contentious time. It’s the same reason Emily in Paris is doing well on Netflix, you just need something soft to escape to. 

So, look for those major themes when you’re thinking of marketing for a brand.