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The Answers: How do you drive book sales?

So, I happen to know a few things about selling books. If you would allow me one bragging moment, I’ve written three books, all of which have appeared on the New York Times Best Seller list. Okay, bragging done. I just wanted you to know that the advice I have is solid and real. There are numbers to prove it.

What are my pieces of advice?

Well, first off, my belief is that you actually sell your book a year or two before you actually sell your book. Confused? Let me explain: I’m actually selling my fourth book right now through my YouTube show, The #AskGaryVee Show. I’m taking time to provide you with as much value as possible. And remember time is the number one asset.

You may be shocked by how many people discovered me through this show. Many people comment saying they are only two or three weeks in to knowing who I am. And that’s awesome. That means the show is doing exactly what I want it to do. The show is getting virality, bringing people in, thus creating a scenario where I’m bringing value upfront. I’m not charging for the show, I’m not asking for anything, I’m just building leverage.

So, when I launch the #AskGaryVee book in 2016, something will happen: everyone who watched my show for free will give back by purchasing the book. They’ve consumed it for free, and now the value I provided will be what pushes them to do something in return for me by buying the book.

Lastly, here are two other pieces of advice for marketing your book as the launch date gets closer:

One-on-one marketing.

Reach out to people one by one asking them to grab a copy, check it out, give you feedback. Stop sending mass emails. Get personal.

Figure out the best way to get exposure.

When I was selling my last book, that way was podcasts. I did a shit ton of them. And it worked. Whenever your book launches, for the months before, go to where the audience is and do interviews, talks, guest articles. Do as much as you possibly can. Get to know people in the industry and offer your services, expertise, and thoughts. For free most of the time too, if you can.