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Who’s ready to talk about dropshipping? I’ve gotten so many questions about it. Mostly, people want to know if it’s too late for them to start. Look, while it’s no secret that I think it’s never too late to start something you’re passionate about–there is a secret variable when it comes to making an impact in a certain space. Keep reading for my thoughts on dropshipping, timing, and talent!

For those of you who don’t know, dropshipping is a simplified version of retail where the seller accepts a customer’s orders but does not keep the goods sold in stock. Put another way, when a store sells a product using the dropshipping model, it purchases the item from a third party and has said item directly shipped to the customer. Therefore, you, as a seller, don’t have to handle the product directly. It’s been a popular form of retail for over ten years and it’s continued popularity makes some emerging entrepreneurs nervous. The question I’m asked the most is, “Do you think it’s too late for me to start dropshipping?

Here’s something many people are unaware of: the timing on something that works is not the variable, it’s your talent. 

People say, “dropshipping is dead” and “you’re too late for dropshipping” and that’s just not true. The reason it’s not dead is: most things don’t die. It’s hard for things to die. Sure, it may be harder to make an impact, but it’s not impossible. There is always a supply and demand issue on things in society.

Breaking through on social media, say on Youtube, is harder today than it was when I did it. It’s harder to break out on Clubhouse today than it was even seven months ago. Years ago, I could have told people that think they’re OG dropshippers now (because they’ve been doing it for 5 years) that they were too late. I could have taken it further, made fun of them, and said they were 10 years too late. 

Again, timing is not the variable, it’s your talent. You see, when you’re not as talented but you’re good at finding things early on–it doesn’t take as much talent because you have so much more arbitrage. Later, as more people begin to do something, it’s harder and requires more talent. That’s the difference; it’s not dead, it’s just more challenging.

As time goes on, your success is more predicated on your skillset. There were a lot of people that looked like social media “experts” on Twitter in 2007. A lot of them are gone now, because it got harder. More people had opinions, more platforms came up– but I wasn’t afraid in 2007 and I’m not afraid in 2021. I won’t be afraid in 2031 either.

Something else to keep in mind, even if you don’t make any money doing it, you’re gaining skills. You’ve already won. Don’t think of anyone else’s process besides your own. The second you look at somebody else, you’re already vulnerable. When you start that comparison convo it’s not good. I see _____ doing ____ is the worst way for anyone to start a sentence. 

So, if you’re interested in dropping shipping or just passionate about entrepreneurship, just start. I guarantee there is value in the process.