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VaynerNation, as most of you might know, in the last 8 months I’ve released three different sneakers with K-Swiss and I’ve announced that my fourth signature shoe with them, appropriately titled ‘Clouds and Dirt’, is releasing July 16th.

All of this involvement with K-Swiss has got me thinking, and from engaging with all of you over the years, I know my community has a lot of heart and interest in understanding how to grow an apparel brand, be it sneakers, hoodies, t-shirts, etc.

So .. with that .. I wanted to do something special for you all which I’m dubbing ‘Apparel and Footwear Marketing in 2018.’ It’ll be a three hour livestream held on June 12th from 2:30 – 5:30 PM EST consisting of an open conversation about my take on what we’re doing with K-Swiss and how I’ve been able to scale that relationship, but more importantly, what anyone living in 2018 with the ambition of growing an apparel brand should be focusing on in order to get their business to where they want it to be.

And as you saw in 2016 with my #AskGaryVee Book Super-8 livestream, this one might just get a little crazy too. I’ll be going live on all major livestreaming platforms so expect to have some fun with me 🙂

Sound good?

Can’t wait to see you guys and make sure to RSVP here!!!