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Five Awesome Image-Quotes to Step up Your Instagram Game

By February 25, 2015No Comments2 min read

I’m hot on Instagram right now. It’s a platform with tremendous potential, and we should all be paying attention to it. There are a lot of different tactics that work, but one that I have been trying for myself is posting quotes as images. Here are five for you guys to use from me, totally free. 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

1. “Look in the mirror…”

[rebelmouse-image 554829 expand=1]

My number one message from my book Crush It! Stop doing things you hate; it’s not worth it.

2. “The middle is dangerous…”

[rebelmouse-image 554831 expand=1]

The middle is where you NEVER want to be. It’s the mediocre stuff, the stuff you shouldn’t care about. Read about it here.

3. “It’s not about how long you sleep…”

[rebelmouse-image 554832 expand=1]

I think the image speaks for itself. The belief is that morning people are more successful. Bullshit. I wrote more about it here.

4. “Act like something…”

[rebelmouse-image 554835 expand=1]

There is no substitute for execution. You just have to go for it. All in. Stop reading articles on how to do it, and just do it, whatever that is.

5. “The Best Penguin You Can Be”

[rebelmouse-image 554839 expand=1]

I mean let’s call it what it is: This is the best image to ever be produced in the history of the internet. Look at that penguin. He made a hat. A giraffe hat. When all along he should have been the best penguin he can be. Post this on your Instagram, throw in #cute, and #daww, and watch the <3’s roll in, baby.