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Back in 2016 and even before that, I was obsessed with the idea of audio tweets.

Twitter is an important platform, and one of the biggest ways we communicate online.

Yesterday, they announced audio tweets – a new feature they’ll add.

I believe this is a gateway play for a lot of content creators who struggle to create content. The audio option will really help. Got a random thought? Pull out your phone, talk, and post!

It’s like what other platforms have been doing to make it easier for creators to put out content. TikTok with music, helped. Snapchat with filters, helped. Instagram created filters that helped. On the other side, podcasting has really emerged because it makes it easier for people to consume content (while they’re moving). This is all about creating a lack of friction.

Helping people make content is the ultimate move for social networks, and creating audio tweets is a significant execution for Twitter as a platform. It’s also a big deal for many of you who are reading this – you could use this to put out more of your thoughts and more content.

I’m fired up! Tweet me if you’ve tried Twitter audio and let me know what you thought.

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