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In today’s episode of the AskGaryVee show, I talk with Beth Comstock — former vice chair of GE and author of Imagine it Forward: Courage, Creativity, and the Power of Change

Beth is an all time executive and a really, really kind person. We share a very similar philosophy on the importance of patience, fake environments, how businesses can hire the right people, and more.

Over the years, I’ve heard SO many people say amazing things about Beth behind her back.

In this episode, I think you’ll see why 😉

Here’s what we talk about:

How Beth hustled to break into TV reporting, even though she didn’t have confidence

The advice Beth got from Diane Sawyer when she was early in her career

Beth’s awkward interaction with Ted Turner, and why she was super excited about it. 

—  How to gradually push yourself out of your comfort zone

How to teach children that failure is a stepping stone  

Biggest fear I have when it comes to raising my kids

How stay-at-home moms can get back into the workforce after years of not working

Why adversity is a huge advantage in the internet age  

Our advice to 18, 22, and 30 year olds who are anxious that they haven’t “made it” yet  

There are a few things I think make this conversation super interesting:

— Beth talks about how — at 30 years old — she was so shy that she had to really push herself to talk to her own boss. So many of you are getting “tricked” by ages like 18, 22, or 30. Many of you don’t realize that you can still be figuring things out at 30, and still achieve unbelievable success in your career.

— I was a D and F student in school, and I truly believe that “losing” in school helped me in real life. We answer a great question about how to teach children that failure is a stepping stone.

— We talk about how a stay-at-home mom can go still back to work and dominate — even if she was out of the workforce for years.

— We talk about our shared beliefs around fake environments, and why it’s my biggest fear when it comes to raising my kids.

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