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How to Scale Your Content After Your Numbers “Peak”

By November 17, 2014September 4th, 2022No Comments3 min read

I had a question recently on the #AskGaryVee show from someone who felt like they had hit a wall. He is hosting a show, around 100 episodes in, but the number of views he has isn’t moving. He’s happy with the show, it gets him sales, and people are definitely watching. But that view count was just not moving. What he wanted to know was, should he bothered by that? If you have a YouTube show, a podcast, a web series…do you ever settle?

My answer: NO. Absolutely not.

Look, obviously his show is doing great. Maybe you’re in a similar situation and you feel good about who you are reaching, the amount of people listening and engaging. But why let that stop you? Don’t just be satisfied. You should always be pushing for the next big thing, looking for the next step, the next thing you’re going CRUSH.

So, how do you keep the views coming? How do you make sure that number only goes up and up and up…

My answer: DISTRIBUTION. This is the biggest thing you pay attention when expanding your show. You need to take a step back and look at HOW you’re reaching your audience; maybe you have an email blast once a week or a tweet you send out. But that’s not enough, because you aren’t thinking about how you’re going to get new listeners. Those emails and tweets are fine, but people who already know who you are are seeing them. How do you get in the face of people who have no idea who you are yet? How do you let them know what you’re doing and why they should care so much (because they definitely should, right?) I’ve got the answer. Ask yourself, “What are the 100 biggest websites in the world that speak to or are in the genre of my show?” Once you have that figured out, email them. One by one. Ask them if they want the rights to distribute your content. If that goes well, maybe ask about writing for them on top of that.

Then, you keep that hustle going.

You reach out to the top 100 Podcasts that you can get on and promote the show. Give interviews. Scale the living crap out of it. Go on other shows and talk about your show. Its hustle hustle hustle BUT with a thread of distribution. You need awareness by showing up on YouTube shows, putting out LinkedIn content. You need to get the hell out there. That is the game, my friend.


Thanks for reading! Know someone that’s hit a wall recently with their line of work? Help them get out of that rut by sharing these few words 🙂