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I’ve been wanting to do this podcast concept for a long time. I did a version of it not too long ago called Brown Paper Bags where I gather friends and drink great wine, but this is a little bit different 😉

I’ve always been fascinated by what happens when you bring different people together that are doing interesting things, and just shoot the shit about what’s going on in culture.

I love this style because it brings me back to the early silicon valley days where my friends and I would get together late-night for what we called “jam sessions” to talk about all things tech, business, marketing, media, etc. It was really the beginning of when I was first coming up in the game and met all of the hardcore Facebook and Twitter, and Uber founders.

We would have these “jam sessions” where we would get together at conferences and SXSW at midnight in a hotel room, and for three or four hours just talk about the game.

I miss those days and I know for sure that if we were still doing them now we’d be talking about cryptocurrency, music, media, investing, and more.  We would argue about who’s gonna be big and who’s not and just have fun with the conversation.

#podSessions is a formal way for me to bring that energy back but in podcast form,  re-creating the “jam session” where a group of people from different walks of life get together to chop it up and bring the GaryVee Audio Experience listeners some new thunder for their ears 😉

The  first episode of #podSessions is now live, featuring @Saweetie, @girlwithnojob, @ciphasounds, and of course, me. I will always do my best to have a variety of guests on the show to hopefully provide you with different perspectives, stories, mindsets, and most importantly, a ton of value and fun.

The biggest things that I wanna get out of this podcast is the opportunity for me, as my career changes, to use my platform and the attention that I’m amassing to put other people on that also sometimes have bigger audiences than me, different audiences than me, or are emerging and are doing interesting things that have caught my eye, normally through some digital connection or the eye of somebody on my team’s digital connection. So that’s what we’re doing and I’m super excited about it.

We talk through the origin stories of what it’s like to build your brand from scratch, why account verification is getting abused, the truth about putting out more* content, why consistency matters, the under-representation of millennials in modern day media, the paranoia behind platform shifts, who’s going to be big, how I can help these guests in the future and how to build a great team.

I think you’re going to like what you see next.

Watch the full episode below:


VaynerMedia, NYC HQ

Guest List:

Diamonté Harper a.k.a @Saweetie is an up-and-coming hip hop artist who began her rise doing “car-raps” by religiously recording herself spitting verses in the front seat of her car which she named “Bruce the booth.”

Her first big single “Icy Girl” has caught the attention of XXL and her music video has more than 7M plays on Youtube.

Claudia Oshry Soffer a.k.a @girlwithnojob is an Instagram meme queen with over 2.8M followers. She started her account in college after losing her job at Conde Nast and renaming her tumblr from Girlwithajob to Girlwithnojob – She has gone all in on social and built a major presence on multiple platforms.

Luis Diaz a.k.a @ciphasounds is a DJ and comedian signed with Roc Nation who has DJ’d for Dave Chappelle, J-Lo and Michael Che!

Moments Not To Miss!

  1. What We’re All Obsessed With
  2. Are We Scared About Social Media Platform Shifts?
  3. What Saweetie Thinks About Music
  4. Can you Combine Comedy with Music

Watch the full episode below

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