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Over the past several years, I’ve been going really hard at putting out content every day and documenting. In the process of doing that on my own (and then later with a big team) since ’06 with Wine Library TV, I’ve seen so many content creators put out amazing content without a lot of resources.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can support all the Drocks, the meme-makers, and amazing content creators to go out and “make” even more…

So on August 12th, 2019 I sent this voice note to my team: 

I wanted to find a way to 1) empower creators to put out more content to grow their brands or their portfolio (like these fans have made in the past):

And 2) expand the post-production capabilities of our team given our incredibly large database of content (and how much we could be putting out). 

So I came up with an idea: 

#JoinTeamGaryVee – a way to open-source our content production to the entire Vaynernation.  

Here’s how it works: 

You’ll go through videos using my YouTube main channel, GaryVee TV, the GaryVee search engine, and the #JoinTeamGaryVee social channels for updates (keep reading for more info on all this).

If you’re a videographer or video editor, you can watch my videos on any topic, chop them up, and make the best 1-5-minute (or so) clips for my Instagram – all IGTV.

If you’re a designer, you can go through my videos, and design an image like this one based on a quote you liked.

You’ll submit your content through this link.

Here are a few tools and sites you can use to find the best content:

The GaryVee Search Engine

Using the updated GaryVee Search Engine, you can type in any word or phrase and find moments related to those terms from my entire database of video content. 

For example if you want to make a video around the concept of patience, you can type in “patience” into the search engine:

Hit “search”, and you’ll see all the videos where I mentioned the word patience:

You can sort by relevance, newest video, or oldest video. 

If you hit “watch” on any of the results, you’ll be taken straight to the exact moment in that video where I said those words. 

You can use it to find different moments where I talk about specific topics like blockchain, regret, saving money to go on the offense, or anything else. Even if it’s super specific, like that time I talked about sending a Jay Cutler fan a gift when I worked at Wine Library. You can use it to make amazing videos and video mashups for Instagram.

YouTube Channel: GaryVee TV 

If you’re not looking for a specific moment (i.e. if you just want to browse longer form content), you can browse videos on my second YouTube channel: GaryVee TV. That’s where my team posts things like longer form interviews, keynotes, and clips that aren’t on my main channel.

#JoinTeamGaryVee Social Channels

My team will also be uploading content on a brand new #JoinTeamGaryVee YouTube channel – we’ll be putting up announcements, updates, and special chunks of raw video footage for you to look through and edit into the best short Instagram clips. Make sure you follow the #JoinTeamGaryVee IG, Twitter, and YouTube.

Here’s what’s in it for you… 

Once you feel good about your video or designed image, submit it through this link. 

If end up posting it on my Instagram, I’ll credit you by tagging your account in the post caption. It would be incredibly valuable for those of you trying to get video editing jobs, or just want something to add to your portfolio. 

Why we’re doing this

I totally understand that some people don’t want to work for free – and I respect other people’s philosophies on everything in life from politics to religion to business. But I’m somebody who has built his career on spec work. I continue to, to this day, with all the leverage I have to do consulting for free / speeches for free / projects for free because I want the exposure in return.

I value exposure more than cash and have since I was 22 years old. I do not expect everybody to follow my model – there are people who are religiously against it or can’t financially do it right at this moment, however this opportunity is for those that can, and I can’t demonize something that I live daily.

Some people value money, some people value exposure. I don’t get to be the judge & jury to what people decide is right for them. I pay an ungodly amount of creators in my agency and on my team to the tune of over 7 figures a year, I’m offering people who can afford it and value the exposure the opportunity. I’m not mandating, I’m proposing.

Proposing is very differing from imposing 🙂

What you get from this is based on you in a lot of ways – read this article, also of course we will credit you in the post and any other reasonable request.

“Any tips for editing Instagram videos? What kind of things do you look for?” 

I break everything down in this article:

Read it carefully and if you have any questions, hit up my team on Twitter @TeamGaryVee

Excited to see what you come up with 😉